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In the grand tradition of celebrity (;)) bloggers, allow this post to make no sense.

I’m trying to be a good little railbird and sweat it out with the TheFilmGeek, but damn…these people are taking FOREVA. Note the time of this post. Oooohh! Finally, one busts out – and it’s one that loves to take his full time before acting, and it’s not cause he’s actually THINKING, ya know?

Anyway…I’ll let you get the full report from Chris, but you’re smart people – given the time and how people are acting…and my oh my it’s been eventfull…

Decided tonight to play the blogger table while railbirding Chris. Also railbirded Doubleas at UB in a tourney, and then Otis and Doubleas in an Empire tourney. Whew! It ain’t easy being a railbird, ya know? I still haven’t fully recovered from Wednesday.

But I am dedicated…
I also need 18 people to hurry up and bust out.

But look!

That’s a profit. For me. At Party Poker. Made at the blogger table. Granted, not a huge profit, and granted, does not include the money I’ve donated there prior…but that was for entertainment purposes only. 🙂

I may have to conclude though, that PP tourneys suck. I think Stars started us on hand-by-hand at this point? I can’t handle this stalling…I haven’t stayed up till dawn for poker in a long time…must…get…slee