“You’re wicked bad luck baby”

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-GROB, 1/25/05

Yea…that may be true. GROB was slumming it with me at the .10/.25 tables at UB, just killing time while he was also in a NL tournament (this was of course before he got pissed at UB and cashed-out). An IM from TheFilmGeek led to a challenge to him to turn his remaining $1 at UB into the $5 minimum buyin for our table. See, we get blogger tables going at UB sometimes. Of course, they’ve both left me now…but I’ll be allright. 😥 Now, what happens in PokerTracker stays in PokerTracker, but of course, it led GROB to say the above…so draw your own conclusions. I closed that table up a whopping 70 cents. Please…requests for loans will be handled in the order in which they are received. We appreciate your patience. I finished the night down overall, because at the next table, I ended up a loser of $7.60, and at table #3, a winner of…5 cents. For my second table, I think only one hand I really played BAD. I was in the SB with Js Th, flop is Tc 4c 2d, I bet .25, and get one caller. Turn is Ks, I bet .75, and get called. River is 7s, I bet $1.25, he raises to $2.50, and I call. He had Qd Kd, so he paired up on the turn. For my other big losing hand, I had pocket Kings, and raise to $1.50 pre-flop, and get two callers. Flop comes 8s Ad Jh. One caller checks to me, and I bet $2. Caller #2 folds, Caller #1 raises to $4. Since any Ace or pair of Jacks has me beat here, and both are highly possible since my raise was called, I fold. I don’t think that was a bad move really…but am certainly willing to hear other opinions. 🙂

Let’s see…do you really want to hear about my losing ring games? About my inability to lay down TPTK, despite my opponent betting into me heavily, which would normally scream “I have two pair, or a set, or something else that beats your pair, even if it is Aces with King kicker! It’s shit now!” Nah…I mean, if you’re really into that sort of thing, I can send you the hand histories.

While I am not having a great night that night, Chris (TheFilmGeek) is tearing up the tables turning his $1 into $5. He and I are in cotact via IM and we get this great idea…try the $1000, $1 buy in tournament that is starting in a few minutes. Well why not? That was one of my goals for this year…to try some real money tournaments. (I’m halfway there…at UB you can buyin with Ultimate Points…so I used those – baby steps people!).

We were expecting a wild bunch, for just a $1 tournament (or less, for wimps like me – shut up). Actually, both our tables were quite well-behaved. None of that all-in every hand crap you see a lot of times.

Notable hands for me? Well..I got a suited hammer in the BB at one point, paired the seven, minimum bet the flop, got two callers, and bet 100 on the turn, and got a raiser…and then folded (there was a straight draw). Stupid fake hammer…
None of my draws paid off…I’d have a straight and flush draw…oodles of outs…and not get a one. I was beginning to think GROB was on to something…
My big hit was on Th Qc, flop was Jh 2d Tc. I check, he bets T20, I call, other guy folds. Turn is a 2c. I check, he bets 100, I call. River is a Kd. I check, he bets 300, I call. He had…Jd, Kc. That cost me quite a bit. But what bugged me most of all, was – hello?? Litterally – HELLO? I’m a freakin’ calling station! Just put the little phone icon right back next to my name in Tracker.
Sigh…oh well. Make note, move along. Riiigghhtt….
A few hands later, Paris & Nicky come along in the BB. I’ve got T575, blinds are 30/60, but I am the short stack at my table, so I figure I get a caller…all-in. It’s raised before it gets back to me…hmm…oh well, a plan’s a plan! I get two callers, the inital raiser and one other guy. Flop comes…Ks Kh 3s. (Can you say…fuuuccck?) Turn is 8c, and here the other guy, not the inital raiser, bets, and initial raiser folds. River is Jd. I was up against? Qs Kd. So yea…that was it for me.

Well now I’m a tournament addict. The next night I did another, this time it was a $3 rebuy tournament (oooo…she’s a big spender now! Not really…still just more points). Being the tournament novice, I’d never done a rebuy before, so I wasn’t really sure how to change up my strategy. But I was going with “play smart, let them rebuy, and just take their chips”.

It was working so far…the guys at my table were bluffing hard, so as long as I had a real hand, it was going to pay off. And they didn’t mind rebuying. Chris and I have been swapping bad beat stories lately…and he had just shared how his straight had been beaten by a boat made on the river to take down a monster pot, so of course I had to share when I made kings full of aces on the river early in the tournament, taking in a T2930 pot, as my opponent had been all-in on the turn. That wasn’t a bad beat though, I had AK and had flopped a set of Kings…that Ace was just gravy. So maybe GROB wasn’t right…

Or maybe so. I lost T1300 playing Ks Qs, flop came Jc 7s 9s. Player went all in…I had him plently covered, blinds were 20/40…and oh, the outs. So I called. Turn was a 7h (no…had one of those!) and river was an Ah. Bah.

OK, no biggie. Now have T1385, blinds at 30/60. I’m in the SB, and well…look who’s here…it’s Paris and Nicky again! Hello girls! It’s raised to 330 before it gets to me…hmmm…this seems familar…I re-raise to 630. He re-raises to 2070. Hmmmm…let’s see…re-buy period is still open…what the hell? I’m all in. Flop is 3d 3h Js, Turn is 2c, River is 2s…yikes. No matter though, cause he had Kings. Rebuy! Damn you Paris & Nicky…

I crack Aces with Kc Jd, and take in a T1530 pot, when I get (dare I say it?) lucky and catch a Jack on the river. If not for that lucky river, I would have been out again then, since I was all-in on the turn. I start getting lucky, playing connectors and flopping a set, then getting pocket 10s and taking in a nice pot with that.

But then…the words of Pauly would come to haunt me…

“AJo is like your shopoholic ex-girlfriend… at some point you know she’s going to bleed you dry.”

Truer words were never spoken my friend. Blinds at 100/200, I have T5080. (See how nicely I’ve bounced back?). Flop comes 7d As 9s. 4 people check to me – I bet T500. One caller, then a raise to 3000. I call. Turn is a 5s. My opponent goes all in for 925. Not hard to decide to call at this point. River is 8d. He had Ac 9c. I lost T4125 on that hand, and the entire time I played it…I could hear Pauly’s words in my head, not to mention the fact that I already know AJ is trouble to begin with. But at that point, AK would have killed me…and truth is, since it was s000ted, he might not have dropped it pre-flop no matter the raise.

Now I’ve got T955, with blinds at 100/200. Rebuy period is over, and I didn’t opt to add-on. I’ve said before I don’t believe in being blinded out of tournaments. I find Jd Kd…sure, why not? I’m called, and I’m up against those familar ladies. Flop is Kh 2c 5d (Yes!), turn is Qs (No! You whores!) and river is 9d.

Someone remind me to burn my Hilton HHonors membership card, will ya?

Thank you to everyone to commented on my last post or privately. I really appreciate all the kind thoughts.

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but kept forgetting. While we were in Hawaii, Jason spotted this guy’s artwork in an art gallery, and of course, thought I’d be interested. The artist is Michael Godard, and his work is amazing. It combines the two favorite things of many of our favorite bloggers. Think we can commission a special edition print with a shot of SoCo and the hammer?