You’re Next DoubleAs

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I just took it easy on Hank, since he’s been having all those bad beats and all lately, that’s it…yea…
[For the record, he did not kick my ass, we were fairly even stack wise the whole time and made it to level 4, thank you very much. Someone just kept getting boat after boat after boat… ;)]

I’m told that limit is the game to play in Tahoe, so my plan is to work on that in preparation for my trip. Work on it. Ha. Like I ever started. My only experience with limit has been when there was no other option (Colorado) or when I was forced into playing it during a HORSE tourney. I do not like limit. This should be fun…

In preparation for my trip to Vegas, I thought Pauly’s idea of staying up late sounded good, and I have always done that already, so hey…let’s just extend it by a couple of hours. However, the whole getting up at 9 shit? Ppppfffftttt. Invoke twin motto….now.

Oh, and Brent? I found a Canadian band! Well, “music collective” actually. And I am in love with the song they’re offering on their site. [Brent wins “most dedicated blogger” award – he typed his last post on his Blackberry]