You’re a real blogger now, baby!

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I’m supposed to start this whole “blog battle” thing with Sir today, regarding baby Aces, but since someone kept me up till about 5am this morning, I’m not quite all together with it yet (see, right there – I left out the word “it” – had to go back and put that in there), so I’ll wait a while before I attempt that. And to said person who kept me up, I say :), :D, and… about :P? 😉

Had a good day yesterday at the tables. In fact, I even got a visit from the one whose bankroll we all envy (well…maybe not all of us, since not everyone makes theirs public, but I think 95% of us do!), and got a compliment on my stack. (I know you’re jealous…it’s OK). Therefore of course I had to lose a portion of it, because I just had to go for those few extra dollars to double the buyin…

I did have this hand – and if you don’t want to see a hand history, tough. You’re gonna, and you’re gonna like it.

TexansBaby posts the small blind of $.10.
floppdaset posts the big blind of $.25.
temple7 posts out of turn for $.25.


Tortfezr calls. Pilchard666 folds. mxb305 folds.
temple7 checks. Novato Bill calls. JBird7 raises to
$.75. TexansBaby re-raises to $3.25. floppdaset
folds. Tortfezr folds. temple7 folds. Novato Bill
folds. JBird7 calls.

Flop (board: 9c 6h 2h):

TexansBaby bets $3.50. JBird7 calls.

Turn (board: 9c 6h 2h 8c):

TexansBaby bets $6. JBird7 folds. TexansBaby is
returned $6 (uncalled).

TexansBaby opts to show 2s 7h.
TexansBaby has 2s 7h 9c 2h 8c: a pair of deuces.

Hand #4254786-3022 Summary:

$.70 is raked from a pot of $14.50.
TexansBaby wins $13.80.

Later he told me that he had jacks. I actually felt kinda bad. (Need to get over that, I know). And while he did compliment me on my bluff (what bluff?? I had a pair! And the best damn hand in poker!!), I’m sure that was after some four and five letter words were tossed my way.

I doubled up when I called someone’s all-in off the flop; I had the top two pair and, um, he didn’t. I then lost $14 playing pocket 5s…this is why I love PokerTracker, and poker blogging. Without both, I would most likely never go through Tracker on a daily basis. (I’m not lazy, *ahem*, just busy). However when I have something to write about, I have hand histories I need to go to, and therefore Tracker. And then I can see that glaring red $14 loss pointing out at me, see that it was attached to pocket 5s (which holy crap, I called a raise with!) and then proceeded to play past a flop of 2h Ts Jh, turn of Ad, and river of Jd. And oh yes, I was the little agressive one betting the whole time…partly because I knew my opponent was a fishy, but still…damn April, even fish get good cards sometimes. Oh well. Can’t say I wasn’t warned.