Your Ryan Update

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3:19am Just made Day 2. šŸ˜€ Will start there with 40350, which should be well above par. See you all back here Tuesday.

2:35am Ryan just knocked a guy out. I missed the hand, b/c that Bill Rini is such a distraction! šŸ˜‰ Ryan said it was his jacks vs. the other guys 6s, pair on the board and other guy just couldn’t get away from his hand. Now has a little over 40k.

1:00am Break. Ryan has 30875. It’s all very boring, which really, isn’t so bad.

11:08pm He speaks:
For Kent and Alan
Random crap

Nothing big happened, Billy Baxter at his new table, chip stack pretty much the same.

Yes, I know the picture sucks. I have a real professional one coming.
9:30pm Ryan just got a table change. No big hands, has stolen a couple of blinds and antes (at least I think it was a steal, for all I know he had Aces under there. Was sitting with a total card rack and a couple of other big stacks, new table looks to be a little more reasonable. Johnny K sitting with about 37k.

8:23pm I spent my dinner break making a should-have-been-quick run to my hotel and securing a Cherry Limeade slush from Sonic (nothing better for a sore throat). Here’s a couple of quick definitions for ya:
Hell: The intersection of Tropicana and the Strip at 8pm on a Saturday night. Seriously people, if you don’t realize that the MGM Grand and NYNY is to your left until you’re AT the intersection and in the right lane, you need to get the fuck out of town NOW.
Love: I should be at a party at the MGM Grand right now.

Back soon with an update.

6:52pm Dinner break. Ryan has 29,825. Back at 8:15

6:23pm People, I am *trying* to track down Phil! Ryan’s doing well, took a nice pot with trip queens, has about 26k.

[17:24] phil: how’s ryan doing?
[17:24] thisisnotapril: just got back from break
[17:24] thisisnotapril: had about 19700 when he left

Ran Kings into Aces but lost the minimum, folding on the flop.

4:11 pm – Has 22,400 in chips. Break in a few minutes.