You Should Be Hearing…

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In my circle of friends, I was known as the musical one. Not because I played music mind you, but because I was always on the lookout for something new and different. I was regularly making CDs for all my friends – what started as a mission to bring a friend of mine musically into the 20th century became a monthly way of turning everyone on to what I thought was cool. But then things changed.

A friend moved in for a short while and he brought with him his music collection, a lot of which found its way onto my computer’s hard drive. He loved Wilco. I was…reluctant. While I respected his musical tastes, and while Wilco was certaintly favored among others I respected, I resisted. Prior to a driving trip to Colorado though, I sought out as many songs as possible for inclusion on the iPod. I found my way to the Wilco folder and then fell hook, line, and sinker. Soon it was suggested to me that if I liked them, I’d like Uncle Tupelo, and the Gourds, etc. Sometimes I am such a lemming…

This then led to one of the funniest exchanges I’ve ever had. A friend was over, the iPod was hooked up to speakers and in shuffle mode. Only…the songs were not quite what this friend was used to.

“When did you start listening to all this alt-country crap?”
“Ummmmm….I blame Hank.”
“You should.”

I haven’t burned a CD since. No matter though. Helixx tells me I have excellent taste in music. And as further proof, two songs I’ve been loving for months, from bands at this year’s SXSW, have recently found their way on to the radio.

And way back when this really wasn’t a poker blog, I put up a link to a band called Soft, and encouraged everyone to check them out, along with their song “You Make Me Want to Die”. It’s a great song – full of guitar and drummy goodness, along with beautiful vocals. I spent many a day between classes playing poker on the laptop, with that song on repeat in iTunes. Soft has just released an EP, which features that song along with a new one, “Higher“, which I really enjoy. Go grab it and then pick up the album.

Aside from the worthiness of multiple bands, Helixx and I also agree on the Beatles. While we appreciate everything they did for music and how they inspired so many others, we’re kinda “enh”. Unfortunately for me, every guy I knew in high school was a huge fan, as was the ex and his son. I got more than a little Beatled-out. Still, as I told Helixx, this makes me actually want to hear their songs. You know, as done by other people. The tracks are out there, go find ’em. Or, you know, buy the album.

And speaking of covers, I heard a great one today on the way home from work. Hank can’t take all the blame for turning me on to countryish music. I did grow up in Texas after all. I went through a phase where my favorite bands were Brooks and Dunn, Hal Ketchum, and Clint Black. (I imagine Scott is shaking his head right about now). So, it’s not too much of a shock that I really enjoyed Dwight Yoakam’s cover of “I Want You to Want Me”. The version I heard seemed a little more guitary, but that one still works.

Enough fun…I have a paper to write. At least I have good background music to do it by…(although, judging from the number of edits I had to do on this post, I am totally fucked).
I was very tempted to leave the “d” out of judging there, but anal-ness won out over irony. And that statement should bring a whole new slew of Google searches. OK seriously, I’m going now.