You See The Weirdest Things on 6th Street

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Made a quick run to Austin yesterday for SXSW Showcase party planning, and immediately afterwards we headed to the Iron Cactus patio for the view and yummy Cactus Juice margaritas. [“What’s it got in it?” “Everclear. Just drink it, you’ll love it.“]

For those of you who know Austin, you’ll recall that Iron Cactus is located right next door to the Alamo Drafthouse. [If you don’t know what an Alamo Drafthouse is, well, I just feel sorry for you. You’re missing out.] So given our location we weren’t too terribly shocked to come upon this scene as we exited:

You see the weirdest things on 6th Street...

This combined with the two random crazy guy encounters we had while standing outside our venue was just a nice reminder of what makes Austin “Austin”.