“You Have Great Friends”

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It’s in times of adversity and celebration that you find out who your friends are. Birthday weekend came to a close about 11 this morning, when Heather and I said good-bye to CJ in the Starbucks parking lot before heading off to the airport. Had a wonderful time, and it was great to be able to spend time with friends.

Highlights of the weekend –

  • Blogger tourney at Adam’s, where I somehow managed to blow a chip lead. (Adam, when are you going to have that hand history feature ready?)
  • Vegas getting to meet Vegas, and then sleeping all weekend.
  • Wine shopping with Heather and CJ, where we did BG proud and took part in a wine-tasting like real connoisseurs. Took home about 8 bottles of wine, the purchase of which was my birthday present from Heather (you can’t go wrong with getting me liquor). The clerk immediately began a campaign to become Heather’s friend.
  • Thinking how fortunate it was for the Costco liquor store that Al wasn’t there to see the missing SoCo.
  • Getting CJ to approach two strange girls who were wearing “Tequila Makes Me…” t-shirts. He took pictures even!
  • Getting a dial-a-shot from BG, on_thg, and Bobby Bracelet where we toasted to UT coming from behind and winning the OSU game, which they promptly did.
  • A surprise visit from an LA friend I haven’t seen in over a year.
  • Sitting outside my front door, glass of wine in one hand and cigarette in the other, thinking about how much I’m loved and how I’m super close to passing out. Then getting up and playing poker.
  • Drunken IM conversations with our DJ
  • Falling onto the couch with Heather in a drunken giggle fit, while CJ likely thought “What the hell did I get myself in to…”. (CJ, this is why you should get drunk when everyone else does).
  • Playing “Marry, Sleep With, or Throw Off A Cliff” with Heather and (when forced) CJ. It’s all recorded too. Luckily for us, I can’t download the file off the iPod right now. I don’t remember much, because this was WELL after all the wine was gone, but I do remember that there’s a lot of talent down there at the bottom of that cliff…
  • CJ kicking our asses at the movie game.
  • Texans win!!

My favorite quotes from the weekend –

“I raised with that, bitch” – CJ (yes, CJ!!!)
“Just so you know, I’m too drunk to bluff.” – me
“Quit reading Just A Geek, you geek!” – me to CJ, when he wouldn’t play along with me and Heather.
“If we’re gonna marry, let’s marry for money.” – me to Heather, during the M/SW/TOAC game

This weekend was an absolute blast, and I thank Heather and CJ for coming all the way to Austin. When can we do it again?