You always hurt the ones you love

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After returning home last night from the family gathering, and failing miserably at getting picked-up/picking-up a little something extra along with my dinner, I decided to check out the action over at Ultimate Bet. The 4th was Player Appreciation Day, full of random giveways and reload bonuses. I found Daddy and my internet boyfriend G-Rob seated at a table by the lake, and decided that a little playing with bloggers -EV action was in order.

G-Rob had told me earlier about the great day he was having at the tables, doubling and tripling his $50 buyin at the .25/.50 tables. I find most players at UB fall into one of two categories – loose agressive or tight passive – either of which you don’t mind having around too much.

Give G-Rob a big stack however, and he quickly falls into the loose agressive category. You cannot bet the man off a hand. He was catching cards and raising with them – there was a strict “no limping!” rule in force. To re-raise him in order to get him to drop a hand pre-flop was a waste of money, which I found when I donated $5.50 to him with my re-raise of that amount, which he called with his KQ. He bet the pot on the Jack high flop and I folded. At least his King-high was better than my Queen-high.

He busted Daddy with 8s, having made a set on the flop and boat on the turn. He took $12.25 from me when I called his raise with my pocket 10s, re-raised his $4 flop bet to $10, which he then re-raised to $37.50, upon which I folded. (Flop was 8c Ah Qc). He showed his Qh Kc at least.

Of course, I can’t forget the $26.50 he took when I had 6s, called his STANDARD pre-flop raise (not a standard amount mind you, just a standard RAISE) and saw a flop of 5c 3d Ad. He bet $6. I asked “Do you even HAVE a hand?” and called. Turn came 2d (hello out!) and he bet $18, which I called. River comes Kh, and here we both checked. “Not until then” was the reply as his KsQs was flipped.

Everyone calls his raises – I get 8s UTG and raise to $2 and those two in the SB and BB fold. Pussies. That would be the one hand I would win against the great G-Rob.

Outplayed by G-Rob…Daddy and I had to take it out on the other poor souls at the table with us in order to get our buyins back.

By my count, I lost a total of $49 to G-Rob in stolen blinds, river suckouts, and good old fashioned outplaying.

We are so breaking up.