Yay, another random link

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If the previous post title confused you, may I suggest a trip to BabelFish, the lazy Spanish student’s best friend? (Not that I know anyone like that, of course)

Now for the new link. I suck at writing headlines; typically titling posts with a lyric from the song I happen to be listening to at the time the post is completed. Sometimes it applies to the post in an arty, slightly obscure way; sometimes it’s totally random. It fills the blank, and that’s the important thing.

I suspect it’s that headline writing deficency that causes me to appreciate great headlines so much. This one rules.

EDIT: My coworker Marcie, whom I adore, expressed her immense confusion over the headline, which cost her -100 geek points. Completely bored, The Kid and I tried to locate a better explanation than ours for her, and landed upon this. I include it here for those who also need to learn up, as well as to point out the ones TheKid deemed best, and my own personal preferences. Dammit, someone has to help pick up the productivity-destroying slack around here.