WPBT Winter Classic Update

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Some bad news –

In a new entry for the “Things I Really Would Have Benefited From Knowing About Earlier” file, comes the news that TI was expecting a deposit for our room block; one in the range of $10,000 – a figure I don’t exactly have access to.

So with that canceled, I set out looking for other options. The problem is, [almost] everyone wants a large deposit for a room block our size. It’s due to this being such a popular weekend – no one wants to block off their few remaining rooms and take a chance that they won’t end up being booked. Some places would let me book a smaller amount of rooms, with no deposit, but it was at regular rack rates – and what’s the bonus there?

Soooo…I like the idea of us all being in the same place. It makes it easy to share cabs, grab someone for a meal, find someone to play blackjack with at 3 in the morning (Note: If you find me at a blackjack table then, please remove me from the casino floor. Unless I’m actually winning.) That said, many of you have comps, points, etc. at various places on the Strip and have already booked using these or plan to do so in the very near future. I know some people are booked at TI, NYNY, Flamingo, and IP. And I know that many of you are actually really wanting to stay at the IP. I personally think you’re all nuts, but hey; that’s why I love you. SO, even though I recently voted for the IP as the casino most in dire need of an implosion, I guess we’ll make that our headquarters. I won’t even bitch incessantly about it. [And no one else can either!] I’ve blocked off 50 rooms, rate is $89 $85 a night for Fri/Sat and then $59 on Sunday. I’m might be off a bit there on the Sunday night rate, as unlike some people, I have no problem blogging on the company computer, and left my notes at home. At any rate, booking instructions will be given out just as soon as they’re given to me. And this time the only deposit needed is one from each of you, equal to the first night’s tab.

I am by no means thrilled with this development, but if it makes you folks happy, then it’s all worth it, though I personally vote we spend every waking hour oh… somewhere else. And speaking of that, it can be a bit of a challenge planning an event when you’re not sure if there are 100 people coming or just 30, so if your name is not on this list and it should be, please let me know ASAP.