WPBT Winter Classic Update – Last Longer

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The lovely and talented VinNay has volunteered to take on coordination of the last longer. (Should that be in capitals? I feel like it I put it in capitals it makes it like a porn film. I’m going without capitals.) VinNay has changed things up a bit this year, moving to teams of 2 with a $20 buyin. You want in on this? You have to get your buddy and then you either:

  1. Post your team on the WPBT Facebook event, in the thread VinNay started.
  2. Tweet at him – @VinNay – and please use the #wpbt hashtag as it helps the rest of the gang to see what’s up and totally confuses Florida retirees.
  3. Email (OLD SCHOOL) vincent dot catanzaro at gmail dot com.
Also, pack your ice skates, because AlCantHang pointed out that there will be ice skating too!  I’m encouraging Chilly to come up with a WPBT Olympics surrounding this and other winter fun.
Finally, several of you have inquired about where we’ll meet on Thursday night given that the Geisha Bar is no longer. I will once again throw in the vote for the Sherwood Forest Bar, as we did last year – it’s still standing (as far as I know…) and has always served us well.