WPBT Winter Classic Update

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Almost time! This past week I spent Thanksgiving with my friend Wendy who I haven’t seen in ages, her living in Austin and down visiting her family who still lives in Houston where she grew up. We were discussing my upcoming trip, she loves Vegas almost as much as I do, there’s this awesome Kayak app for the iPhone, one thing led to another, yadda yadda yadda, and you’ll all be meeting Wendy very soon. šŸ™‚

So, that being said, here’s where we stand with the weekend plans.

Thursday, December 10
IP, Geisha Bar. Please pack your H1N1 shot.

Friday, December 11
WPBT Golf Shoot-out -12pm – see CK or Bam Bam for details
MGM Grand – Poker Room (mixed games) & Sports Book Bar (mixed drinks) – 9pm
Green Valley Ranch – Steel Panther show – 12:30am

Saturday, December 12
Caesars Palace – Poker Room – WPBT Winter Classic & Luckbox Last Longer Challenge – tourney at 1pm

Sunday, December 13
The Venetian – Sunday in the Sportsbook @ Legasse’s Stadium – kickoff at 10am

There are other things planned loosely – I know Kat has been organizing a trip through the Neon Graveyard – I have no details on this other than it’s planned for some time Friday; if you’re interested reach out to her and see what’s up.

Now, on to what I do know.

For starters, let me shout out again to F-Train for his help with the tournament, and now let me add Otis and CJ to the list of awesome-and-handsome-bloggers-who-totally-kick-ass-at-event-planning-too. CJ is literally running a tournament of his own with the Luckbox Last Longer Challenge, and is coordinating Sunday’s football fun as well. And Otis… well, he’s Otis. No doubt you’ve heard by now about how PokerStars has generously and AWESOMELY added $2,000 to the prize pool of the Luckbox Last Longer Challenge – how cool is that?? Put your team together and get ready – next week will be here before you know it.

Regarding those teams. Who’s in the tourney, you want to know? So far I’ve got 69 of you (hush) signed up via Facebook and then the following signed up via email, Twitter, or good ole fashioned blog comment.

1. Jeff Willis
2. Mark Thoennes
3. Chris Peers
4. Naseem Husain
5. Edward Son
6. David Spire
7. Ellen Cincotta
8. Angelo Cincotta
9. Garth (the Aussie)
10. Matt Volk
11. Iggy
12. Lowen Overby
13. DJ Ocean
14. Matt Parvis

That gives us a grand total of… 83 [Note that number is inflated because I know the Facebook RSVP is inflated because oh, for instance, Todd Todderson is NOT going to play in the tournament. Unless someone wants to back him. I mean he can’t do any worse than Waffles, right?]

So there’s the big stuff. Please also see F-Train’s post about the Caesar’s Bad Beat Jackpot. Definitely worth checking out while you’re in town. Also, Bam-Bam has set up a WPBT Warm-Up tournament at Full Tilt on December 4th at 10pm ET. It’s a HORSE Deep Stack $10+$1. I love this idea. Several of us having been hitting the $2 SnGs late night lately and having a ton of fun slinging chips around just like the old days and it has really gotten the spirit up. Cannot wait to get back to Vegas and see you all again.

And on that note, just a little over a week left! Any questions? Need anything? Aside from a loan, plane ticket, room to crash in, rack of whites, or anything else along those lines… ?