WPBT Winter Classic Details

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The tournament will be December 12th at Caesar’s Palace. Structure/buyin is still being determined, but we’re good for that date. MGM for mixed games as usual on the 11th. If you insist, IP for drinks on the 10th.

CK and Bam-Bam are planning a golf event for the 11th.

Couple of sweet offers that have come thru my in box lately:

Until August 21st, booking code INB280 will get you some awesome rates at MGM that weekend. I booked four nights West Wing for just a little over $300. [And then got all giddy and skipped around my office]

Also check out the new Prima program, which is a $500 credit you pay for and then get all sorts of awesome upgrades and perks. Basically, I give MGM the $500 I would give them over the course of a week anyway, and they give me cool shit. And you people wonder why I love them so.

K, that’s all I got now. More to come!