WPBT Winter Classic Details

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WPBT Winter Classic Tournament structure has been finalized and the details are below. Props and thanks to F-Train for ending the game of phone tag I was in and meeting with the Caesars TD to knock it all out. You can grab the full tournament sheet here, or keep reading for the highlights.

Tournament registration will begin at 10am. Cards in the air at 1pm. Buyin is $100; with $85 to the prize pool, $15 to the house with $5 to the dealers.

7,500 in chips with 20 min levels.

When play gets down to the final table, blinds will be backed up to where the average stack will have 20 big blinds. For example lets say that the blinds are 10K-20K when we reach the final table. The average stack is 160K. Instead of everybody having 8 big blinds we will back the blinds up to the 4K-8K blind level. This way the players can have some play on the final table not just an all in fest.

The document I linked to up top (and will again – right here) gives you the full structure. If you have questions, please ask. If you have complaints, please see Al.

There are 57 of you who have RSVP’d yes to the tournament event on Facebook, and 23 who are listed as Maybe. I’m going to need you now to tell me if you’re REALLY in and if that includes in FOBs [thank you Carmen for being way ahead of the game ;)] and make those Maybes be Yes’s or No’s [I’m looking at you Dawn Summers].

Awesome thing about Facebook is I can print a list of who has said yes and it includes your REAL name and not weird nicknames so the poor girl at the cage has to figure out that John is checking in as Falstaff because that’s what we have on the list but his player card says John and why in the hell are we all calling that one dude Waffles?

If you’re coming but not on FB, that’s fine – just RSVP here. I can merge the two lists. But if you ARE – RSVP there please.