WPBT Winter Classic – Countdown Begins

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Greetings degenerates! Now that November is upon us (holy crap, can you believe it’s already NOVEMBER? Jeez…) ANYWAY, now that it’s November, that means we’re fast approaching the WPBT Weekend – woo hoo!

To address a couple of questions that have come up in the past week:

1. Yes, you can still get a room at Aria. I’m sending requests in until they tell me we’re cut off. If you’ve requested a room and haven’t heard back yet, please drop me a line. Everyone should have a confirmation letter (except for those requests I just put in; give it a day or two)
2. Please update your RSVP on Facebook, OR if you’re totally anti-Facebook, then fine, just comment here or drop me a line. This is so we have at least a rough idea of how many are playing.

To recap the weekend:

Yes, I moved the date from the second weekend of December to the first. Yes, there’s a reason. No, none of them asked me to move it. For you old schoolers, you’ll recall that these gatherings started just because Pauly & Derek’s annual brothers trip turned into a blogger meet-up; which then grew every year. With that spirit in mind, it seemed tragic to schedule the tourney for a weekend *after* several bloggers were in town. I get that not everyone can make this weekend. Unfortunately, there’s never a date that works for everyone. As a bonus, this gets us back on schedule with the start of the rodeo, which maximizes our Cowboy-tilting potential. (No idea why I felt Cowboy needed to be capitalized. Must be a Texas thing).

And keeping with the old-school ness, for Thursday night, I BEG OF YOU PLEASE let’s meet at the Sherwood Forest Bar in Excal. Friday night we’ll have the traditional mixed games, only at Aria. Saturday the tourney is at Aria. Sunday, no one has planned anything for football-watching, but previously in years past we had someone stake out a spot at Mandalay Bay for watch parties. If someone wants to take that on again, perfect. If not, we’ve got Twitter – perfect for announcing where large groups of us are. {Follow the @wpbt account, where Chilly & I will do our best to make sure we retweet good stuff. Also keep the #wpbt hashtag in your tweets, as 1) it’s a great way for everyone to follow along and 2) it makes a certain news station look way cooler than it is.] And speaking of Sunday, the aforementioned group of runners will be headed down the Strip that night – I for one will be there to cheer them on. I can attest that race watching is waaayyy better with a drink in your hand. And for you golf-lovers, check in with Mr. Speaker please for a Friday golf outing.

Some new stuff this year, I know, and understand that it freaks some people out a bit. Don’t fret – it’s still a weekend in Vegas with your favorite degenerate gambling friends. Don’t overplan. Don’t overanalyze. I can say this after having done a very good bit of both for the first few years of coordinating these gatherings (a fact that PokerGeek and Bill Rini can both attest to!) You can always guarantee that we’ll be at some bar on Thursday, playing at the same place on Friday, and tourneying on Saturday. Make time for a nice dinner (and feel free to invite me to tag along!) and make time for a drink with that person you just really haven’t connected with enough in the past year. Aside from that – the magic happens when you’re not expecting it. It’s the 2am craps game, the mid-afternoon roulette sessions, the 4am breakfast.

To that end, I’ll be posting here some favorite recaps/photos/links from our previous adventures over the years. It’ll get you in the spirit and help rev you up for the weekend (but no, it won’t make time go faster. Sorry). We’ve got a good seven years of material, so I’m personally looking forward to digging through it all again. Got a fave? Link me.

Questions? Send ’em on! Otherwise, see you in December. 🙂