WPBT Winter Classic 2011

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Last year I announced plans for the Winter Classic on July 2nd. It would be cute to announce this year’s plan on the same day, but that’s a Saturday this year and it doesn’t really work for me. Today I have a laptop and a train ride in which to type away.

Also, this year holds the record for single most easily booked event EVER. EVER. I cannot speak higly enough of Adam Altwies and the crew at Aria Poker. Immediate response to my request, and immediately looked for ways to add value for us. Just an awesome crew all around, and a complete no-brainer to pick Aria after the fantasic experience we had there last year.

So, you got that, right? Tourney is at Aria.

We’ll be mixing things up a bit this year. Why? Because dude, we so need to. The first Winter Classic was in 2004. We are officially in the 7-year itch; time to shake things up! It won’t be crazy, I promise.

For starters, how about on Thursday night we meet at the Sherwood Forest Bar in Excal? I like the idea of returning to our roots. The poker room is back, and the Excal has been the scene for many a great story. It also has less hookers, but I don’t see that being a problem for anyone (maybe Waffles).

Friday night, we move the mixed games to Aria. Why? Did I not mention how awesome their staff is? Last year, many folks suggested we host the Friday night games at Aria this year. So we will.

Saturday, tourney. Starts at noon, uses the nightly tournament format. $100 + $25. No rebuys for us though.

Sunday, there are football games and places to wager on the outcomes. There is also several folks we know running down the Strip – and not even because they’re being chased!! I’m sure they would love some supportive degenerates. Or at least someone at the finish line with a beer.

And finally, all this awesomeness will take place the FIRST weekend in December, not the second. Tournament will be December 3rd; Excal on December 1st, Mixed Games December 2nd. The cowboys will be there too.

And because Aria is so awesome, they’ve extended to our group the poker room rate for reservations there. Rates are $99+tax+resort fee Sunday – Thursday; then $139+tax+resort fee Friday and Saturday. There is no hour played requirement for us to get this rate. If you’d like to book under it, send me an email with your check in/out date, first and last name, full address, and telephone number. Also tell me your room request – non-smoking/smoking with king or queen beds (2 queen beds are based upon availability). You’ll give a credit card when you check in.

Tourney RSVP on Facebook please! Lot of info here, if I missed something just holler. And get started on that bankroll and booking your plane tickets! See you in December!