WPBT Update

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So far I’ve heard from several people regarding the dates for the next WPBT trip. Yes, it seems that everyone wants to hit Vegas again, during the WSOP. Right now we have a tie between people wanting to go the weekend of the 6th-10th, and those who don’t really care when we go. So…last chance to speak up – we need to settle on a date so we can start running sats, and I can start making some calls.

What I need to know from those of you who have no preference or preferred the 2nd weekend is – does your decision change upon finding out that such G-Vegas celebrities as G-Rob and CJ wouldn’t be able to attend? G-Rob could come the first weekend, CJ can’t make it till August. DoubleAs would be able to join us in August as well. And it now looks like Drizz can’t join us at all. If we move to August, how does that affect another trip in December?

Give me your thoughts and we’ll go from there. If you’re interested, the voting breakdown was as follows:

June 29-July 3 – 2
July 6-10 – 6
August – 2
Don’t Care – 6


Regarding the Austin tourney –

Tourney is March 18th at Adam’s. Time, 1pm. Buyin, $50. Time may change once the SXSW schedule comes out – we know we’ll be hitting downtown that night, but can’t say for sure when we’ll need to be there till we see that schedule.

I’ve gotten a few questions, and I thought I would just answer them here for everyone.

Where to stay? Most of the downtown hotels will be booked and/or ridiculously expensive. There are a couple of places near my apartment, it might be convenient for everyone to stay there since I’ll have some people staying with me, plus we’ll likely be cabbing it to and from downtown. (I’m sure as hell not volunteering to be anyone’s designated driver.) I’m checking with a few places to see if we can get some sort of group rate.

Getting around? I’m happy to act as airport shuttle. When it comes to getting to Adam’s and other places around town, we will carpool as needed. No need to rent a car unless you just really want to.

Isn’t this the weekend of the NCAA championship? Yes, yes it is. But it’s only the first and second rounds, and besides, they have those every year. Plus, have you seen Adam’s TV???? It puts most movie theaters to shame. We also have phones that can call Vegas, and internet access to a variety of betting sites.

The band list for SXSW has recently been updated. I’m making my list now. Feel free to join me for:
Blue October
Bottle Rockets
Jamie Cullum
The New Pornographers !!!!
OK GO !!
World Leader Pretend

…and that’s just my short list. 🙂