WPBT Update – 3 days

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We’ve reached the point where you start counting down the number of “sleeps” before touching ground in Las Vegas. Many of you I’ll be seeing this Thursday. I can’t wait.

My co-twit Chilly summed up our weekend plans thustly:

Couple of changes to that – one, Steel Panther sadly canceled their show Saturday night, so it’s off the table. For Sunday, I’m still on the hunt for a place that could accomodate a large group of people but not make us all share one tab (trouble) or having a thousands-dollars minimum (more trouble). Will update more, but for now I’m leaning towards either a) having a volunteer camp out somewhere to secure seats or b) everyone meeting at the Hilton’s new sportsbook because it’s plenty big, drinks are cheap, so is the food, and how can you not love the liberal use of adjectives here? I know Hilton is at the wrong end of the strip, but it has a monorail station. I’m leaning towards Hilton, unless someone wants to volunteer to stake out a spot at another location.

Questions? Concerns? Let me know! If you haven’t put together your last longer-team, then GET ON IT and update here.

See you soon!