WPBT Summer Classic Update

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Taking Over the Castle

When picking a casino for us to stay in, I had a few requirements. One, that it be someplace we haven’t stayed at before, two, that it be conveniently located, and three, came at a good price.

I litterally checked every hotel on the Strip, and a few off (with help from the lovely factgirl) and while each location had its pros, there was usually some con that came up too. They were big ones too, ones that had me envisioning pissed off bloggers waiting for shuttles that never came, or finding themselves without proper air conditioning. Better to pay a little more, I reasoned, for reliable services and a good location.

Fortunately the Excalibur was willing to work with us, and gave us rates that actually beat everyone else. And while not in the middle of the strip, it is certaintly close to the MGM which, in addition to being the typical blogger hang-out, comes equipped with a shuttle stop. Plus, there is the Krispy Kreme/McDonald’s perk, but really, it’s the Excal, which for reasons I never quite understood but yet bought into anyway, is a blogger favorite.

Here’s the rate info:

Thursday 7/6 – $49
Friday 7/7 – $109
Saturday 7/8 – $129
Sunday 7/9 – $59
Monday 7/0 – $59

Here’s a few itineraries to give you the per-night average –

Arrive Thursday, check-out Sunday – $95.67/night
Arrive Thursday, check-out Monday – $86.50/night
Arrive Friday, check-out Sunday – $119/night
Arrive Friday, check-out Monday – $99/night
Arrive Friday, check-out Tuesday – $89/night
Arrive Thursday, check-out Tuesday – $81/night

Now you’re not lying when you tell your wife “Honey, the longer I stay, the cheaper it is!!”

To book, please e-mail me and I’ll send you the required info. The reason for that is so I can keep a fairly good count of who is staying and when, and can then modify our room block as needed.

Getting There

American Airlines has offered us a discount on tickets. It’s not a huge discount, since flights to Vegas are already some of the cheapest an airline offers, but every little bit helps, right? I know for some of you, the discount won’t be anything big, and will likely just cover your airport parking.

This is valid for travel July 4th-12th. It’s a 5% discount. Book online at www.aa.com and use code A5076AV. Keep in mind that if you book via telephone, there is a $10 fee, and that’s likely to eat up your discount. You’re not afraid of the internet, so use that. Q and O inventories are not subject to discounting.

For sure, some of you will find cheaper fares via another carrier. By all means take those. This is just a little helper for those who typically fly American, and for whom American is offering the best rate.


Did ya miss this post? Tourney is July 8th, at Caesars Palace.

Already we’ve had 40 sign-ups, so don’t delay in getting your name on the list. I’ve created a “who’s coming” list and have buried it in the archives – find it here or at the bottom of the WPBT category page.

I’m working on getting additional prizes for the winner and those at the final table, and I’ll update on that once things are final.

Many thanks to facty, Heather, Gracie, Glyphic, Bill, Pauly, and Adam for their assistance. They’ve offered advice, support, listened to my thoughts and given their opinions, and helped me out with phone calls. It’s much appreciated guys, thank you.