WPBT Reminder

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If you RSVP’d for the tourney, you should have received two things by now:

  • An invite to the attendee spreadsheet hosted at Google. Here you can update and modify your information at will, without me having to mail out multiple copies of the sheet as in the past. In addition, you can use it to gather more information about what everyone is planning to do this trip. I don’t know which one of you added the column “Drinking?” but I love that you went right ahead and put a Y in there for me.

    To access the sheet you need an invite to an email address linked to a Google account in some way. If you don’t have one, make one and then let me know what the address to invite is. Invites are limited to those who have RSVP’d.

  • Instructions on how to book a room at the IP under our block. This was a small 50 room block, and all rooms needed to be reserved by the 14th before they were freed to the general public. That’s Tuesday, at 5pm Vegas time. If you haven’t booked yet, you need to do that now. I know GCox is looking for a roomie – anyone else need one, drop it in the comments and we’ll see if we can’t find someone for ya.
  • As for the tourney, I am planning on us having one, though the location is still TBD. Should all else fail, everyone seemed okay with the idea of us crashing a regular tourney in masse, so we have that to fall back on.
  • Thanks to the lovely Grubette, we are on the list at the MGM for Sunday in the Skyboxes, but given the weekend in question, we’re not holding our breath. Plus, while cool, they’re kinda small, so I am investigating other options.

My goal is to have everything set up this week, however I am as usual at the whim of people who work in the city for which time has no meaning. I’ll update y’all on the outcomes just as soon as I have ’em.