WPBT Memories: Part 1

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Sorry for the delay in the planned trip down memory lane. One, it’s a been absolutely crazy… like all year. Two, I may have gotten lost in a “find a new WordPress theme” rabbit hole for a day or two. I am notoriously picky about them. And then when I find one, inevitably it won’t install for some reason.

But as part of trying to install one, I had to search the ole Google archives for an access code, and in that process came across a comment from Betty that made me pause and trace back the source. Laughter ensued, which isn’t surprising given that the story involves some of my most favorite people.

I don’t even know what that means, but I love it!” and “Head Games

[As a side note: I don’t really recommend searching the GMail / Chat archives too much. If anyone needs me, I’ll be over in this corner punishing myself for multiple accounts of stupidity]