#wpbt final details + Pokerist.com Sponsorship!

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It’s time! If you’re not already on your way to the airport, perhaps you’re counting down the hours… either way, we’ll be seeing you soon. Here’s the schedule again along with some exciting news!


Sherwood Forest Bar at Excal – If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years of organizing, it’s pointless to try and put a start time on the drinking. I suggest keeping an eye on the #wpbt hashtag, you’ll see when folks start gathering. I’d estimate anywhere from 5-8 as a start – really depends on when folks land. Please note that the Sherwood Forest Cafe, which was right around the corner from the bar, has been closed and is scheduled to reopen today as the Lynyrd Skynyrd Cafe & Bar. I’m told by the folks at Excal that this *does not* have an impact on the Sherwood Forest Bar and that it has not changes names, but you never know.


Beer drinkers unite at The Pub in Monte Carlo, starting at 4pm.
We have two tables at Aria starting at 6pm.


The big day. Tourney at noon, $125 buyin, follows the Aria daily tournament structure.

If you don’t have your last longer team in place, find Caity this weekend… because your good friend Jordan from HighOnPoker got a sponsorship with Pokerist.com and they’ll be adding $1,000 to the last longer prize pool. And there’s more…


Football. Games start at 10am, and per Falstaff’s suggestion, let’s go with The Pub at MonteCarlo. It’s close, easily accessible from Aria, and no doubt has beers you didn’t get to try Friday.
This again is one you’ll want to keep an eye on Twitter for; but keep in mind that Pokerist.com is also sponsoring $1,000 towards the bar tab for game-watching – so you’ll want to be where Jordan is! 🙂

See you soon gang! Remember, Twitter is the best way to keep up with where folks are, and find someone for breakfast, lunch, dinner at 3am. Don’t be shy, just jump on in.


And now, a word about our awesome sponsor!

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