WPBT 2011 Recap

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Man, someone is behind on a trip report.

But at least I can get it out before 2011 ends, right? That’s progress. Kinda.

Trip reports are weird. If you were there, you don’t need me to tell you what happened. If you weren’t there, you probably don’t want to hear about every little detail. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN TOO BAD YOU WEREN’T THERE. Right? Right.

So. I’ll say this: HUGE thanks for CaityCaity, Jordan, and JoeSpeaker for organizing the assorted side-events. Big thanks to the crew at Pokerist.com for their contribution. Gigantic thanks to the folks at Aria, who continue to be awesome and a delight to work with. Seriously, at this point I don’t really even do much – it’s all on autopilot really. The props are entirely to them.

I did not win the tournament. I didn’t even really play many hands. Stupid cards.

They made up for it though on Sunday. Got in a quick session before leaving for the race watching. Naturally I end up sitting next to the one guy who is also from Silicon Valley working for completely overhyped startup that will not be named. Hope that stock pays out cause the poker game won’t.
Favorite part of the game was the hand where I flopped a set and turned a boat on a board littered with straight and flush draws. Check-raised on the river which sent my opponent into the tank. I was a little worried he was going to drown in there actually. I’m sure that whole “staring and thinking and making comments” bit works sometimes, but come on. I check raised you on the river. I either have it or I am full of shit. Pick one. The “I wanted you to call” comment will get you nothing. I wanted you to bet so I could check-raise.
Couple of hands later was bummed to get a small pocket pair, flop a set and then find two all-ins in front of me. Reluctantly let it go… surely someone either had the flush already or had a bigger set. Of course no. And again, would have turned a boat and stacked them both. Excellent way to insure the entire table hated me, especially with me leaving to watch the race right after.

The race watching was fun. Hate hearing about the general clusterfuck that was the race itself though. Loved being there to cheer on our crew, and having the likes of Pauly and Grange there to come up with new cheers was highly entertaining. No doubt a lot of runners were pissed to find out that in fact there was NOT a 2-for-1 hooker special at the finish.

Was a more low-key trip this year. We’re all older (it’s TRUE) and now I know what people do in Vegas at 10am. [Gamble in pajamas, apparently] Really liked the vibe on this trip – more relaxed, more of an emphasis on hanging out and letting whatever happen.

Let’s see if we can’t continue that for next year. And you better join us.