“Would you please hold the goddamn hammering?”

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-Frank Cross, Scrooged

Had a great time last night with Chris, TheFilmGeek, as he played in a UB freeroll. I’ll let you get the full write up from him, but suffice to say, the hammer made its fair share of appearances, and you’ve never seen a table suddenly come alive so much…suddenly everyone’s getting action. (And after he called someone’s all-in with it, suddenly it becomes a playable hand for everyone! Next hand, another guy does the same, and I type in the chat to Chris – “Look what you started!!”) I can only imagine what those people were saying on their end…it was awesome. A definite learning experience for me.

And speaking of other learning experiences…

The move up to .25/.50 has been…challenging. Which is fine, I knew I wasn’t going to “crush” it like I was .10/.25 (although, was I “crushing” that level really? I hate to use that term…so boastful). I noticed pretty much immediately that at this level, the players are by and large much better. Which I think, is why I liked this level so much more in the first place. I hated dropping down to .10/.25…it felt so beneath me at first. So many clowns…and here’s me, so much “better” than them…just forced to play at their level because I was bankroll limited. (Which is an extremely arrogrant frame of mind and got me into trouble on more than one occasion). I really need to get that association out of my head…just because someone can afford to play the higher levels doesn’t automatically make them a better player (and vice versa). The tables do “go green” much faster I’ve noticed (thank you GameTime+…btw, anyone want to get together a pool to buy Kevin Ross oh…whatever the hell he WANTS for Christmas?? :)) so there are apparently more winning players out there than losers, or at least there were last night. Of course, as John said the other day, it’s OK to take money from the winners too. My biggest problem is, I can’t see a freakin flop for free, or even for cheap! And I was table-hopping, since the tables were “greening-up”. They all believe in the no free-flop philosophy. Which, you know…they should. Can’t really fault them for that. Except when I have cards dammit and want to see a flop for free! It’s that my mindset is still on .10/.25, and so when the raise is $2.25 or something like that, my senses go “wtf?” but then I remember, “oh yea…” and try to do the math in my head of what that is comparision wise, and would I have called that kind of a raise at the .10/.25 tables with the cards I currently have…and hell, you know how I suck at math. And then…I wasn’t hitting the flop. But I did get this…

Hand #3452757-11772 at Crystal (No Limit Hold’em)
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TexansBaby: Qh Qd


MASCARA calls. Zeroesque folds. virtual me calls.

headmic folds. pokeraces folds. Mister Shore folds.

creede_co calls. TexansBaby raises to $2.25.

EnMourning folds. MASCARA calls. virtual me calls.

creede_co calls.

Flop (board: Qc 2s As):

TexansBaby bets $5. MASCARA calls. virtual me

calls. creede_co folds.

Turn (board: Qc 2s As Ad):

TexansBaby bets $15. MASCARA folds. virtual me goes

all-in for $30.20. TexansBaby calls.

River (board: Qc 2s As Ad Td):

(no action in this round)


virtual me shows Ac 4c.

virtual me has Ac Qc As Ad Td: three aces.

TexansBaby shows Qh Qd.

TexansBaby has Qh Qd Qc As Ad: full house, queens full of aces.

Hand #3452757-11772 Summary:

$2 is raked from a pot of $84.90.

TexansBaby wins $82.90 with full house, queens full of aces.

That was pleasant! But then I pretty much lost it all a few hands later with the Sisters again, up against KK. No help from the board. Again, I think it’s just not being in the groove yet…not yet familar with the betting patterns, etc. I think had that same hand been played out at the .10/.25 I would have smelled the rat and been able to drop the hand, and not lost so much from it.

I spent most of my night hovering around the break-even level. (Well, I’m still converting Bonus Dollars from my freeroll win, and I do that quicker at this level, so that helps I suppose). I hit another boat later in the night Jacks over dueces I believe, and that gave me nearly a $30 pot, so that made me happy. Shortly after that I was gonna call it a night, but ya can’t pass up a chance to railbird a fellow blogger.

I admit, I didn’t think this was going to be easy, but I didn’t think it was going to be this hard either. I mean, I have been here before. It was like sitting down and thinking “When did y’all get so good?”. Of course…here’s a crazy idea hon. Perhaps they’ve always been that way. And you never really belonged there in the first place. I mean…that little stats section does say a lot. Huh.