With Friends Like These…

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Poker and I have been in a weird place lately – I’ll have more on that in the future [no really, I will. Shut up.] – but the past few evenings have found me at Full Tilt, shaking off the rust at $10 SnGs. Results are meh – what was previously my own personal mint has now become a break-even place, where I play for an hour and end up pretty much where I started. I think that’s to be expected, given that I haven’t played poker seriously in about a year. Playing more poker has been on my agenda, and so I’m out getting a feel for things again, doing stupid stuff and remembering why it’s dumb, getting Aces cracked and not complaining (much), and giving my roommate something to glance at during commercial breaks.

From tonight’s Mookie:

[Me in italics]
“You fold too much.”
“I do not. I just don’t play every hand, like you’d prefer me to.”
“But sweetie, it’s gambling – you have to play to win!”
*rolls eyes*
“Oohh, you got a King! We like face cards.”
“Yes, we do, especially when they come with a matching one. Not so much when they come with a 3.”
“You mean we want higher cards? Like a ten?”
“At least
– next hand –
“King-Ten!! You can’t fold that!!!”
“Early position! Someone might raise!!”
“No, they’re not, watch – they’re all folding”
– raise from Katitude
“Uh-huh” [Thank you Kat]

It’s like teaching poker to a seven-year old.

He is supportive though, I’ll give him that.

From last night’s SnG session, after I lost 3 SnGs due to absolutely brutal bad beats, and then won my 4th:

“An hour of poker, and I’m up five dollars.”
“Wooo hooo!!!” [waving hands in the air]
“No… wait…”
“Ugh, sweetie…” [hands down, face crestfallen]
“I forgot about the fees. I’m up a dollar.”
“Woooo hooo!!!” [hands back in the air] “Up is up!!!! A push is a win!!!”

And then of course there’s him yelling “Someday I will fllyyy!!” at random, yet very appropriate, moments. Gets me every time.