Why yes, I am sad

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I had a Government test today…and should have been studying for it Tuesday night. But there was no way I could have torn myself away from the TV…while a lot of people I’m sure were watching anything else, figuring they would just wait and see what the final outcome was, like the politics junkie I am, I had to watch every second tick by. (Multitasking at Ultimate Bet at the same time of course, ;))

I knew it was going to be a close race. And I was very hopeful. I was watching MSNBC (being the loyal little solider that I am [have always been devoted to NBC]…but tired of the local news coverage that had been on the NBC station for the past hour) and they had just been talking to the reporter in Ohio who was telling them that it was too close to call, ballots were still out, etc. when suddenly…they call the freakin state for Bush. I then of course go into yelling at the TV mode. Followed by disbelief/crying/revived hope, and then acceptance. I believe that follows the standard stages of grief, although perhaps loosely.

What am I glad about?

That it didn’t drag on forever like 2000 did. To do so would have further damaged the party, and quite frankly, we can’t take that. (Yes…I’m not going to give lines about how dragging it out would have divided America, yadda yadda. America is divided…look at the numbers. I’m being selfish and thinking about my party…because good God, someone has to.)

That if you look at the map of the the voting by counties…in all that red…that sea of it…there is one little spot of blue right in the middle of Texas. I LIVE THERE. That’s the capital bitch. And you call this place home? Bite me.

That Tom DeLay didn’t get his way entirely with his little Texas redistricting plan. You may have gotten most of the seats, but you didn’t get Lloyd’s and that’s the one you really wanted. By the way geniuses, when you said all along that the purpose of redistricing was NOT to gain control of the House, but rather to increase minority representation, yadda yadda (bullshit, we all knew, but still) – don’t you think it might be a good idea to keep that lie going and NOT let loose with the real purpose now? People do have memories.

What am I mad/sad about?

4 more years.

And they have the majority control…which is extremely scary. Additudes like this one I worry will be all too common. BUT – I’m a liberal Democrat living in Texas. I’m used to being on the losing end. πŸ™‚ I’m used to sticking in there.

I’m proud to be a Democrat. I always will be. My mother tells me that being a Democrat is for the young, (that you can afford to be – you turn Republican when you have to worry about taxes and such). I can see her point. John asked me when I was going to grow out it. I told him never. I have core values that this party takes care of, and I don’t see that changing. I am a yellow-dog Democrat. Although…perhaps yellow-cat Democrat would be the perferred term here in this household. πŸ˜‰

I worry about the future of the party, because I fear many losing faith and giving up. And I worry greatly about the next four years…but I will be ever hopeful.

And so I alternate between being very sad (and goodness my Government textbook didn’t help that much – the damn thing is full of charts on how inneffuctal the Democratic party has become, and at one point talks about how pointless it is to vote really – not what you want to read at this point in time) and then having brief moments of joy when I think just maybe it’s not gonna be so bad after all.

But overall – SIGH.:cry:

Sure do miss you Bill..