Why I love Online Poker

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.50/1 NL.

Hero is in the LP with 2c 6d.

UTG raises to 4.
UTG+1 calls.
UTG+2 calls.
MP1 calls.
MP2 calls.

Folded to Hero, who folds.

Button calls.
SB calls.
BB calls.

Flop is Q94, two hearts.

UTG bets 5 dollars into 32 dollar pot.
UTG+1 and MP1 call.

Turn is the Ace of Hearts.

UTG bets 10 dollars.
MP1 calls.

River is 3 of spades.

UTG pushes for his last 50 bucks.

MP1 instacalls.

UTG shows TT, MP1 shows 34o and rakes the pot.

Hero licks lips with hungry anticipation for the rest of the night.