Why I Hate PartyPoker

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First…why is it so damn difficult to find a NL real money table? Why list them by the max buyin instead of the blinds? I was so confused…

Second…I don’t need a banner and confetti when I win a hand. Just give me the chips and be on your way.

Third…oh yes – the fish are out there. But then, so are the sharks. And as we all know, those fish will continue to draw on you no matter how much you bet at them – as long as they have the ace of whatever suit the flop came. And yes, I know this will pay off eventually, but it didn’t last night. Apparently it was “runner runner flush night” at Party.

Last night was just a bad night for me card-wise, all the way around. We played a game at home, best hand I got all night was pocket 8s (and that didn’t even come until I put on my poker bracelet). My husband on the other hand has apparently been taking a course in poker from Dennis Rodman and cleaned up the table by being super agressive.

It is pretty cool though to have those massive chip stacks just like you see on TV, at the WSOP or whatever…I love my new chips.