Who Rocks?

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Bill – cause he helped me with a MoveableType issue, something way simple that I was of course making far more complicated than it needed to be (SOP for April).

John & me, because we both have our UB accounts sitting at record levels. Although, I have to say I rock more, because in the last two heads-up matches we’ve done, I’ve been the winner. Although that’s a crown that gets passed back and forth quite often, so I am by no means resting comfortably. But really, what good is it being the champion if you can’t gloat a little? OK, a lot. You’ll be happy to know I took a nice little pot down with the beloved 7/2, but it did me so wrong when I went all-in and failed to perform. Of course, if someone would just not CALL my bluffs, these things would not be an issue… I have to say I continue to find 7/5 the preferred hand, (see the entry about my first freeroll win if you missed why) but it fails to pay off for me in ring games, despite seeing board after board where it would be the winner. In tournaments of course, it’s my own little Hammer.

So, due to my recent flushness, I’ve decided that tomorrow (well, today techincally) I’m moving up (or rather, back) to the .25/.50 level. And because I was raised by my mother, a woman who firmly believed in superstitions, (although, I’ve got to give it to her, there might be something to the whole “no alarm, no Ann Murray tape” in the Cadillac thing, given that the one they have now has seen neither and was never stolen in the 16 years they’ve had it, whereas all the others prior suffered from both afflictions and were each stolen multiple times…God Bless the city of Houston!) I fear a complete beat-down. Why? Because I’m actually announcing to everyone that I’m doing it…therefore results are expected. [Look, it’s not logical. You have a mother. Like she didn’t mess with your mind in some way? This is what mine did. And she can’t figure out where it comes from now. Go figure.] But I was a good girl…I waited…I have my 300BB. (Made another 180BB at the tables tonight). The last time I moved up, it was too soon, and I couldn’t handle the swings. I considered staying at .10/.25 until I was actually in the black…but I’d get there so much quicker at .25/.50. And yes, I’m tired of seeing those damn (___) – I want to start showing some positive numbers. I admit to being bored, it’s almost like it’s too easy. Is that a bad thing? (That’s a serious question). I think this restlessness probably is…so a forced week off from poker is probably a good thing. (But lets see how many weird looks I get on the plane to Hawaii…cause you know if the Xanax doesn’t make me sleep the entire time, the poker books are coming out…and there will be PLENTY. Not to mention the beach reading! “Don’t get sand in my Sklansky!” Ha!)

So we’ll see how it goes. I may be right back at .10/.25 with my tail between my legs. But I think I’m good enough (and doggone it, people like me…). I think more than anything, I just (as my mother says I do) psych myself out of it. I just need to remember that just because the chips are “bigger” to bet the cards the same way, etc. Not get scared off…50 cents ain’t the same at these tables as it was at the others. Wish me luck…