Who needs sleep?

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well you’re never gonna get it/(who needs sleep?)/tell me what’s that for
Who Needs Sleep, Barenaked Ladies

Random Conversations at the Undergraduate Library, circa 6am –

Me, upon hearing the bells of the UT tower – “Well, the tower’s up” (Look outside, see sun starting to come up, hear birds) “Shut up…go away”
Nice stranger guy who had given me a dollar earlier to buy a coke – “Yea, this is the worst part of staying up all night – when the sun starts to come up.”
Me, to friend/partner in crime Miguel – “You know, I haven’t stayed up all night in forever. And when I do, it’s usually for poker.”
Miguel – “Well consider this roulette then.”

That’s comedy GOLD when you’ve been up all night people.

Paper due in 9 hours. 1/2 way done.

On the plus side, Sociology grade is in, and it’s exactly what I expected. (this is good)

Who’s up for poker Saturday night?