Wet and Wild Poker

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Guess what I did last night?

Yep, I actually played poker.

I have a couple of goals these days, one is to work off that Full Tilt bonus and the other, which occured to me whilst showering, is to turn the $6 I have remaining in my Stars account into $22 so that I can donate play in the tourney Wednesday.

So, all clean and presentable, I got to work on that Stars goal. Ah, the .01/.02 tables. Such fun. Nothing like a 25xBB raise to make you go hmmmm…

But things went well, my account is now at $7.48 for about an hour of play. I’m rolling in it! However at this rate I may have to join Party Poker guy and sneak in some games during class time to make it by Wednesday.

Then I decided to play in the Omaha freeroll that Scurvy has set up for us. I have but a bare knowledge of Omaha, but fully believe that the best way to learn something is trial by fire, so these freerolls are great. I missed the first one last week since it was my last night in Colorado and Jana would have killed me. I finished 45th, which I was pleased with. I kept reminding myself “only two cards, only two cards” so that helped. 🙂 I still think I play way too many hands for Omaha though. Not that it stops me of course.

All day long it had been beautiful here – low 80s and sunny. I had just had an e-mail exchange with a friend in which he mentioned how great this time of year is in Texas. Uh huh. One of the little “quirks” about Springtime in Texas is the wild weather changes. Scurvy was seated next to me, and I mentioned how it looked like we were about to get some rain. Yea. Rain, or big freakin hail! What started as a windy rain quickly became large pelting hail pouring from the sky. And of course, all my windows were open. When your laptop screen is getting wet from the rain coming in from the window at the other end of the room – that’s not a good thing. And I couldn’t jump up and close them – I was in the middle of a hand! It reminded me of Iggy’s famous wild weather poker game, just much less exciting of course. Lost power and internet a couple of times and then it was over, having moved on to visit my fellow Austinite…

Then I decided I would head on over to our dear friend Full Tilt, where I can not have a winning session to save my life. Played with my twin (who is a tourney Goddess, btw) for a bit and had Shelly on the rail for a while. I’d give more details of the actual play, but quite frankly, I can’t remember. And really – what was the meeting like at Full Tilt where it was decided to allocate programming resources to more avatars instead of hand histories? Is there a large segment of the poker playing public that is really crying out for more of those than for hand histories that every other large poker site offers? (Really?) I will admit, that little gnome is damn cute, but I’d sell his ass on the corner for something I could import into Tracker in a heartbeat. Besides, they can never top the angry little white puppy.

I’m going to have to pay a visit to UB to actually stand a chance of winning any real money. And yes, I do know I can make $22 in one hand at UB and then transfer it into Stars, but I’m stubborn that way. Probably poor bankroll management.

Your musical tidbit today (poker-related!) – a cover of The Gambler. I’ve started the long task of sorting through the 2 gigs of Mp3s from this year’s SXSW…I may not make it. Jesus, these are the showcase acts even! Don’t they screen these people?