Well…THAT was fun

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3 cents in my UB account.. 3 f’in cents.

My fault of course. Stepped up to .25/.50 before I should have…and drew too much, really. OK. No problem. That’s poker.

But then when I dropped back to .10/.25, the hand that really did it for me, was pocket 7s. I limped in on the blind. LP raises, button calls. Flop is 8 7 K. I bet the set…LP folds…button calls. (This should have been a clue to me). Turn is an 8. Sweet…right? Uh…no. I probably don’t have to tell you what the button had. So when he went all in, I called (it was only a dollar or so more to me, and hell, I had a full house!!) and of course, Kings full of eights beat sevens full of eights any day. The irony is, John and I would often argue about the wisdom of playing low pocket pairs…and my claim was that any pocket was a good pocket…you could totally flop a set! Which he would counter with, so could someone else…and then what? So…I really should have known better. I mean, the raise was called…my bet was called off the flop, there was no apparent draw…why didn’t I see these clues???

I think…that I just assumed he was betting two pair or something…had overcards and that I was being all sneaky by slipping in with my pockets. I think…that since the majority of people who play at the lower limits are clowns, you get in the tendency to assume they ALL are, so holy hell, it never even occurred to me that someone might actually be doing the same damn thing as ME!

So yea…that was a big hit, but not the cruical one. That came tonight, when I sat down to play, found out exactly how pathetic my bankroll was, and proceeded to not get crap for cards for 15 minutes. So while the blinds eat away at what little I do have…I enjoy the muisc on Yahoo Messenger? Finally I get J Q, with a Q on the flop, and a flush and straight draw. I bet my pair, get called, turn is a blank, but I do remember this…it’s bet to me, to put me all in. Well at this point, it’s only $1.25 more, and really…what the hell? I’m thinking maybe I’m against Q A or a pair, since it was raised pre-flop…and sure enough…aces. And just to add insult to injury, river brings another ace.
How I survived with 3 cents I’m not exactly sure.

That my friends, has been my night…

Hit the .25/.50 tables at Stars, where the bankroll can handle it. No cards. Tired of hitting the fold button, I decide to try a $5 SnG. Cards continue to run cold there…for a while. I get 10s a couple of times, but they are worthless to me. Part of the problem is the one guy at the table who will call any bet with ANYTHING. Just when he’s shortstacked he makes a comeback and stays alive…I didn’t stick around to see, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he managed to win the thing. He was the death of me. I got a nice pot off him when I made a 6-high straight, but he got his chips back and then some when he called my raise (Kings) and the board came spade after spade after spade after…ya…you get the idea. Me? My Kings were red. No help. And again…no amount of betting could keep him from drawing. So that hand pretty much made me the short stack. Fortunately the next hand I got Queens…so I went all in, knowing I’d get a caller. And of course…freakin hearts on the flop. And then on the turn.

So yea…that’s been my night.

Although, I’m doing fairly well with the play chips now…

I’ve cashed out at Stars. Oh, they begged me not to (sure, where was the deposit bonus when I made my deposit in the first place, huh?)
but I’d really rather play at UB, or I’m thinking I’ll move some money over to Party where all the cool kids are. (I know…bonus code IGGY dammit!)

At any rate…it’s gonna take a couple of days for that to go through Neteller, so this leaves me with time on my hands. I’m left with nothing but play chips. Probably for the very best. Probably just need to step away from the tables for a bit.

I think David Carr and I both need to take some time off and get our damn heads straight…