Welcome home baby

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We said goodbye on February 10th. 11 days they said. That wouldn’t be so bad. I could tough that out. I’m spoiled you see. Six years of 100+ e-mails a day, in addition to more than my fair share of data entry made me a pretty fast typist – so when it comes to taking notes during a lecture, it’s so much easier for me to type away than to hand write it out. So it would be hard to be laptop-less. But two weeks? I could manage.

I got in my car and noted the expected return date on the service slip – March 7th. Well wait a minute boys! That’s a hell of a lot longer than 11 days! But what could I do? I was at their mercy, and plus, I figured that was just a cushion they gave so when it got fixed sooner, they’d look really cool. (Like Geordi always did in TNG when the engine needed repair and Picard was asking for a timeframe. Yea, I’m geeking out. Are you surprised? Where do you think I got my Wil fix all those years?).

But oh no. They took every day of that and then some. And then today, while making various other assorted phone calls to get my life in order, I thought “I should check on my laptop…” so I did. And lo and behold…

I didn’t fully believe it. For starters, they should have called me when it was ready. Hell, I was just over there this morning, it would have been nice to know then. But no bitching, just a mad dash to the store to pick up my baby.

It’s amazing the memories and mental state you associate with an object. Sitting here now in a familiar chair, in a familiar pose, with this familiar keyboard, looking at this beautiful, familiar screen – it all comes back to me and seems so right.

And tomorrow, I will take notes like I have never taken them before in a month and a half.

Right now, this baby and I have some catching up to do.