Weekend At Mookie’s

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Of all the bars and eateries on 6th Street, Iron Cactus has long been one of my favorites due to its rooftop patio and Cactus Juice margaritas, where cactus juice = Everclear. The interior is all wrought-iron and steel, with floor to ceiling windows that face out on to 6th Street. For the first official Weekend At Mookie’s event, a group of us gathered there at a table by the window Friday evening for dinner, drinks, and conversation.

With the bar to our immediate left, we had a great view of the plasma television mounted above. The Red Sox were opening a series against the Yankees and all eyes at my end of the table were on the action. During a camera pan of the stadium crowd, we noticed a woman wearing a hat-like creation of green foam with dozens of miniature batting helmets attached to it. I remarked how very odd that was, and WeakPlayer sitting on my left stated that if I was finding something like that unusual, clearly I did not spend enough time in Las Vegas. [This being the first time a non-Vegas resident has told me I don’t spend enough time there.] With all due respect to Weak, I was a little offended by the remark, given that I live in Austin, Texas – a place where a large segment of the population strives to “Keep Austin Weird” – and some with much more fanfare than others.

“Wait a minute. Have you seen Leslie yet?” I asked our visiting bloggers.
Across from me, MiamiDon asked “Who’s Leslie?”

Mookie and I proceed to explain the local celebrity that is Leslie – a homeless transvestite that frequents the downtown area wearing nothing more than a g-string bikini bottom or leopard print thong. He runs for mayor in every election and gets a decent percentage of votes, and is hands down the most recognized figure in Austin. It’s hard to convey – you just have to see him – but in short, Leslie is waayy more weird than any hat a baseball-loving Boston grandma can whip up with her glue gun.

It’s so difficult to describe Leslie to people, but we’re doing our best at our little end of the table near the window. Suddenly, we look to our right and there is the man himself, strolling down 6th Street, ass bared in an LED-enhanced thong and not much else. We can’t believe it. What are the odds that in the middle of explaining this Austin legend, he appears right in front of us?? Leslie pauses in front of the window and makes a 360 turn so everyone can get a nice view, then continues on down the street, pausing a few feet away to put on a show for the group of guys a few tables down from us.

We can’t believe our luck. As our laughter dies down, I lament that I didn’t have my camera out and ready for that priceless moment. Mookie leans back in his chair and says “I feel like I just hit a one-outer on the river. But… I didn’t want to win that.”

This morning the golf-inclined hit the course while I hit the gym, and in about a half-hour my brownies will hopefully be done and I can head up north for BBQ and poker. Tomorrow there is talk of taking in a baseball game, and it wasn’t even my idea. But you can bet I’ll be there. 🙂 Photos from last night are up; I’ll add to the set as the weekend continues.