Weekend at Mookie’s Recap

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Being local and living in South Austin, the drive to the Salt Lick isn’t all that bad for Scott and I, but in our typical fashion, we found a way to make a scene. He pulled up in my driveway in his Jeep with doors and top off, and I opened the door and informed him that in no way would I be making the 30 minute ride in that hair-destroying vehicle. There would be pictures taken, and cute boys there, and I am a girl, with a perfectly good car at her disposal.

And thus we proceeded to argue back and forth [“Get in the Jeep.” “No!“]for a good ten minutes, him sitting in the Jeep idling in my driveway while I bitched from the pathway of my perfectly manicured front lawn. Roomie, being President of the Homeowner’s Association, would have been thrilled. (Hey, the neighbors say they never see us…) Matter settled; Scott drives off in the Jeep and me in the Mustang. …until we turn around, come back to the house, he parks the Jeep, and we leave in my car.

He bitches of course – Ian left the seat too far back, I only have one song from the artist on my iPod, there’s too much R.E.M., I drive “like old people fuck” (“yeah, fast and awesome!”). But by the end of the evening; more accurately, on the way home, he sees the light and agrees that letting me drive was the right thing to do. With a designated driver he’s been able to kick back and relax all night… which means I now have a most amusing co-pilot for the drive home. We joke that Scott IS Family Guy’s Peter Griffin. When you read the below, you absolutely must picture Peter Griffin when you do it, because it was never more accurate than that drive.

“You know what’s a fun word? Appaloosa. Appaloosa. Say it. Say it. Appaloosa. Say it.”
“You know what else is a fun word? Shin. Shin.”
“Elbow. Elbow. Say it. Elbow.”


Despite the offers, I passed on waking up early Saturday morning and driving to the other end of the world (i.e., North Austin) to hang out at a golf course with the gang when I had zero golfing skills. Sleeping in was much more my style, then running errands and heading over to Mookie’s for BBQ in the afternoon.

Mookie ran a great tournament, as always, and it was great to see everyone – Don, CK, Carter, Astin, JJ, Steve, Rocco, & Sed. Personally I wasn’t getting anywhere with my cards and ended up going out right at the break when my queens ran into aces, because I am such an online player and don’t adjust well to playing live at all, and obviously can’t lay down a big pair. I then drowned my sorrows with whiskey and chocolate and JoeSpeaker. I am such a girl.

At least I had a cutie to keep me company while waiting for the cash game to get started…


Complete set of pictures from the weekend are here – enjoy!