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So many things I want to say about last night…it’s a weird kind of experience, being together with so many people you know only on a superficial level in many cases, but yet, having that common bond that brings you all together – and it’s a tight bond, and it’s a tight community. Does that make sense?

Anyway – the point is – when it comes to parties, I’m usually the hostess. I usually put off all duties until the last moment. The result is that the little switch in me that turns me from “easy-going, relaxed” to “stressed, bitchy” gets flipped. πŸ™‚ Even though last night wasn’t a real party and I certainly wasn’t hosting anything, my little switch got flipped for a variety of reasons.

I came home, and decided to blow my card karma by hitting UB. My reasoning was a warm up…no one said anything about card karma! I did okay, and John was there, and we were having fun. Around 6:30 though it occured to me that I really needed to start dinner. So I did a really sad thing…and took the laptop in the kitchen with me. WHAT?? I have a big kitchen…and I haven’t played with John in a month…and…oh shut up. It actually worked well, that is, until I tried to open a can of tomato sauce – I don’t use the can opener well – meaning, I have some sort of mental defect that keeps me from grasping that simple task. This is one of these cute little quirks about April that we all find so adorable about her. (Yes…..) Normally when I encounter problems I simply say “Jason!” and he comes and takes over, but he was taking a nap at the time, so it was all on me, and then I broke the can opener, so I had to fix it, and then get the damn thing to open the freakin can, and do all this while playing a few hands of poker. Sigh…it’s a tough job.

So stress level was rising.

But I get it all fixed, and everything is cooking, and then I see the comment from BG, about the chat room. Well cool! So I send him a message. And into the chat room I go, and we’re having a nice time chatting, and then…piece of shit Time Warner goes down, which causes Yahoo to crap out, which results in me not being able to get back in the chat room. Poor BG…I was such a problem child for him, as this happened not once, but three times last night, and each time he was nice enough to try and help me and not just tell me to go the fuck away and deal with it. (Unless you’d like to think of BG as somewhat curmudgeonly; then he did). The point is, after about the second time this happened, I was ready to call Time Warner and chew them out for their horrible infrastructure (I mean really, there’s no excuse for this…it’s been going on for months). The conversation would have been interesting, I’m sure –

“Your crappy network is getting me kicked out of the blogger chat room!”
“The whaa…?”
“You’re putting undue stress on myself and poor BG! We demand compensation! Don’t you know who we are??”

Resigned myself to no chatting with the gang, and sat down for dinner. (With the laptop, of course, cause it was almost 8!). And then…the laptop turns itself off. Whyohwhyohwhy are you doing this to me? WHY? Stress level increasing….

Tourney starts, and just about done with dinner. Now…I don’t really like to be watched while I’m playing – am I weird that way? Maybe it’s a personal space thing, I don’t know…I just don’t like having people leaning over me staring at my screen. My stepson however, loves to do this. And I love him to death, but. And of course I was trying to focus, for fear of making a bad call and being the first one out, and the distractions were plenty around the house. So I was frequently begging for quiet.

But it was all good once things got rolling in the tournament, and I felt fairly comfortable that I wasn’t going to make a complete fool of myself. The PokerGods apparently decided that instead of giving me my one nightmare table, they would just move me around 3 times to give me just about everyone I had listed. I started out with G-Rob & Chris, later got Otis & Hank, and then finally ended up with Pauly.

Going through the histories, I see I got the jackhammer a lot, but I didn’t touch it. I had made a decision to play another crappy awesome Jack hand, J7, when it popped up, in honor of my mentor, as that is apparently his favorite “trash” hand. It was my first winning hand of the night, but can’t say it was a winning move overall. Sure would have been had I not folded it to a raise, when the flop came J Q 7, and then another J on the turn…but there’s that damn hindsight thing. I am, of course, most proud of this:

POKERSTARS GAME #1161919902: TOURNAMENT #4684031, HOLD’EM NO LIMIT – LEVEL IV (50/100) – 2005/02/02 – 21:47:24 (ET)
Table ‘4684031 11’ Seat #3 is the button
Seat 1: Bazkar (2440 in chips)
Seat 2: BlogReader88 (1565 in chips)
Seat 3: GRobman (885 in chips)
Seat 4: jerge88 (4880 in chips)
Seat 5: FatTabbyMama (2490 in chips)
Seat 6: ephro (895 in chips)
Seat 7: Grasp (2067 in chips)
Seat 8: TheFilmGeek (1845 in chips)
Seat 9: Quillayute (5975 in chips)
jerge88: posts small blind 50
FatTabbyMama: posts big blind 100
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to FatTabbyMama [2d 7c]
ephro: folds
Grasp: folds
TheFilmGeek: calls 100
Quillayute: folds
Bazkar: folds
BlogReader88: calls 100
GRobman: calls 100
jerge88: calls 50
FatTabbyMama: raises 500 to 600
TheFilmGeek: folds
BlogReader88: folds
GRobman: folds
jerge88: folds
FatTabbyMama collected 500 from pot
FatTabbyMama: shows [2d 7c] (high card Seven)

Chris was proud of me too, he even went and told everyone in the chat room about it. It’s always nice to have support… πŸ˜₯

Those of us who spent last night on the rails know that it was a night of great flops and then bad turns and rivers. My out was the same. I was short stacked (are we calling it grobbed? He did make that comeback…) and went all in with my A8c and flopped 2s 8s 9c. I was up against Ah Td. Turn was a Ts. πŸ™ River was a 6c. Stupid turn…

I finished 73 out of 151 which is a vast improvement from last year, and…um…y’all didn’t exactly kick my butt. So I’m good. Not thrilled, but considering the field I was playing in, I’m pleased with myself.

Hung out on the rails and watched the rest of the tourney of course, and then Joanne suggested an Sng. Well…the rest of that Stars deposit is just sitting there…and being unfullfilled from my performance – sure! So we go – Joanne, me, ephro, and ThePolemarch. 2 table 18 person $20 SnG.

I have never done a $20 SnG. Never done a 2 table SnG. Not really paying a lot of attention, being that I’m trying to get a certain someone to put down the mouse and step away from the tables, and I had just started an e-mail. But I put aside the e-mail, continue working on the certain someone, and oh yea, this SnG thing…
I didn’t even pull hand histories. I was playing for the fun of it, more blogger quality time really. Having a good time chatting with ephro, Polemarch, Joanne, and continuing the blogger buzz in general. Plus, as I told Polemarch once he reached the final table, we had to prove ourselves tonight – a blogger needed to win at Stars, and oh – it was on him now, but no pressure. One hand of note, to further our contention that Poker Stars is rigged though. I had pocket 8s, and it was raised pre-flop. I called, along with Polemarch. Flop is rags…relatively harmless…but only because I put the raiser on AK, and therefore I knew he hadn’t hit. So I bet it out, he calls, along with Polemarch. Turn is a King…so I do the right thing, since I know his hand, and fold. Polemarch, however, also having put him on AK, and having QQ, calls. River? 8

ThePolemarch: I knew it. . .
NotAPokerBlog: I had 8s!
NotAPokerBlog: I KNEW he had AK
ThePolemarch: Stupid call by me. . .
ThePolemarch: I knew it too.
ThePolemarch: I KNEW it.
NotAPokerBlog: DAMMIT
ThePolemarch: Just couldn’t prevent myself.
NotAPokerBlog: F’in river
NotAPokerBlog: You had to call?
NotAPokerBlog: You had to make me see that???
ThePolemarch: Very sorry.
NotAPokerBlog: lol
ThePolemarch: I wish I hadn’t. πŸ˜›
NotAPokerBlog: so we can go home and tell ourselves, “our reads were great!”

However, I went home much earlier than he did (in the figurative sense), as he went on to take 2nd in that SnG. With my help of course…it’s all about having a witty railbird. πŸ˜‰

Speaking of railbirds, on my way home from class today, I was behind a truck that had a sign on it that said “stops at railroad crossings”, but when I first glanced at it, I thought it said “raibird crossings”. My first thought, after “I need help” was of all of us lined up at a special crosswalk of some sort, holding hands, with Pauly calling out names, checking to make sure we’re all there – very cute.

All in all – had a great time last night. When’s the next one? πŸ˜€