Vote Speaker!

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Cross-posted from UpForSports:

When the Ladies… announced the Hot Blogger Bracket, I immediately sent word to my fellow UpForSports bloggers that they needed to step up and enter.

They told me no.

CJ claimed his fiancee wouldn’t approve (though I think the truth is he’s just shy and likes to use the word “fiancee” a lot), BadBlood and JoeSpeaker wanted to enter as a team, swapping bodies and writing samples, and the rest either said it was silly or said nothing at all.

But no one said I was absolutely forbidden from entering them. 🙂

I just knew there was no way the Ladies… could pass over Daddy’s famous prose, BadBlood’s guns, G-Rob’s hair, Otis’s charm, or Speaker’s smile. This blog needed to represent, and I was happy to drag the boys into it. Just as soon as I got done with finals. And then the Astros game that I was going to the night of the contest entry deadline. I knew I wouldn’t be home till late, but took comfort in the fact that the midnight PDT deadline was my 2am – plenty of time to snag writing samples and pictures of the handsome UFS men and send them off.

The Astros lost, I returned home and found an internet connection that absolutely refused to come back around. Well shit. I hated that the greater world would not get to experience Daddy’s entry, but took comfort in the fact that at least one fine UFS man would be representing.

I direct your attention to the bottom of the NL West Bracket and encourage you to vote early and often for our own JoeSpeaker. And then tell everyone you know to do the same.