Vegas Update

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Vegas teh Dog:

Thanks everyone for the well wishes, and is doing awesome. I took him to the specialist this past Friday, who initially seemed a bit cold, but warmed up after Vegas was allowed off leash and got to work his mojo. He was voted Cutest Dog of the Day by the office staff, and was allowed to jump up on everyone where he got petted and kissed, thereby ruining all that training that Adam did. The specialist thought his problems were a more likely food alergy (a possibility I raised to the first vet, and was shot down), or an intestional worm that comes from eating crickets or beatles. Deworming treatment? $1.50 Amount on treatment spent with the other vet? 1000 times that; a figure that really ticked off the TheKid, but one that I came to accept weeks ago.

I’m glad he’s feeling better, but those of you who know me well know that I’m bummed that I no longer have anyone to protect me from the evil crickets. [Deathly afraid of crickets.] The weather has turned colder, so I think I’m safe till next Spring, but then I’m going to need to get a cat.

Vegas the City:

Room block is at TI. I don’t have details yet on how we’re booking the rooms (either you’re going to do it yourself like last time, or I’m going to give them a list), but here’s the rates:

12/7- $79
12/8- $139
12/10- $79

If you don’t want to stay at TI, that’s perfectly fine. My only advice to you would be to book a room now though, because things are filling up fast.

Regarding the tournament –
I’m hearing from a lot of people (and by “a lot” I mean a number equal to about 1/3 those who have RSVP’d) that they’re not going to play in the tournament. That’s perfectly fine. My question to you all is, do we want to have one this trip? I’ve always thought the tournaments were great for giving us at least one time we were all in the same room (minus those who were passed out in bed cough *helixx* cough), BUT so far we’re looking to be a much smaller group this time around, so that may not be such an issue. It might be that those who really want to play a tourney hit one of the many varied tournaments around town instead. Let me know what you think.

If we do have a tournament, the Venetian is out, due to their apparently non-negotiable $40 per player fee.