Vegas Under My Feet

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Recently I’ve been really missing having a dog around. I lost Reddy, my Pomeranian, in January. It was a hard adjustment. The frequent joke amongst our family and friends was to reply “No, he’s in the kitchen” any time someone asked if you were ready. (Reddy the dog spent 90% of his time laying on the cool kitchen floor). It was sad having to catch yourself from saying that after he passed.

I also missed having my living vacuum cleaner. Since Reddy was always in the kitchen, any time I dropped something while cooking, he was right there taking care of it for me. Reddy also kept our three cats in line. He and the calico would get into it sometimes (she liked to swat at him when he walked by) but for the most part they all got along. Like a country with a nuclear weapon, I always thought that his presence was enough of a deterrent to keep the cats from going too crazy.

When I moved out into my own apartment, I took one of the cats with me. She had always been the bitchy one, but on her own, she became a velcro cat – ALWAYS on me. Ever typed with a 25 pound cat on your arm? Give it a try sometime. As bad as it sounds, I missed my overly aloof kitty.

Lately I’ve been missing the dog presence more. When I make a sandwich, I’m reminded of how I used to always give Reddy the heel of the loaf. I pull it out of the package on instinct, ready to toss it to him, when I remember – there’s no one there.

Until today.

I’ve never had a puppy. Reddy was a rescue dog, as was the cocker spaniel that we had growing up. Great dogs, but they come with names already. This is my first time to pick out a dog name all my own. (Also my first time with puppy training…)

I knew it needed to be a poker name. I went to my friends and asked for their thoughts. Hank suggested “Hammer”, which I liked a lot of course, and kicked myself for not thinking of that one on my own. Joseph and Joel both suggested “River”, which I liked, but I didn’t love. My favorite suggestions came from my friend Jeff and Maigrey. I told Jeff I needed a poker name for my dog, and his reply was “Loser”? I then said maybe I would find a name Texans-related, and he again suggested the same. (We’ll see if he says the same after they beat the Broncos this Saturday!) He then offered up his real suggestion of “Muck”, which I liked, but then thought about how I’d probably get all sorts of attention when I was yelling that name at a dog park – “What did she say??” Maigrey suggested “Sooooted”, so I could then say “But it was Soooooted!”, and also “JohnnyFuckingChan”, “Razz”, or “Presto”.

All good suggestions, and I was leaning towards River…but as I sat in the UT library this evening, worrying about my new puppy at home all alone, I looked at my MGM Grand pen, and thought about how; while not practical, “MGM” would be a good name, given that it’s one of my favorite places in the world. And then it hit me.

Already I’m saying a phrase I never thought I would utter – “Vegas, no!”

UPDATE: It’s a small, small world…