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I’m out of ’em, but I should soon have a ton. I played very little poker this blogger trip, instead choosing to spend most of my hours meeting new people and making new memories with them. I had a great time, but this trip was the first one that didn’t find me teary-eyed waiting for my flight at McCarran. I was ready to go home, hoping to come back for my birthday in October, not sure if I’d be back for the Winter Classic. Still loving the city, but a bit burnt out on it all.

The natural thing to do then, of course, is to turn right back around and head out for a month in the city. I’ll be joining Pokerati Dan, Change100, Amy Calistri, Jen Leo, and Tuscaloosa Johnny in covering the WSOP for [Insert comment about irony in the names of the two blogs I’ll be writing on. Go ahead, I’ll wait.] It’s an amazing opportunity and one I’m lucky to have been offered. I may never put my government major to use, but at least the english minor can get a bit of a workout.

Every year I take a road trip to Colorado Springs to visit my best friend and her husband. I love being on the open road – just me and the radio, sun on my face and wind in my hair. It’s a 16 hour drive, 13 of which are just getting through Texas, and I typically make it all in one day, using the time change to justify my madness. Every year on my way back, I reach an intersection in New Mexico where the sign indicates Las Vegas is a mere two hundred or so miles away. And every year, I momentarily consider making that left turn and figuring it all out when I get there. I haven’t been able to make the trip this year, due to an aging car, rising gas prices, and plain ole lack of time. I need that road trip – they’re where I sort things out in my mind, figure out what I really want, get to know myself again.

This year, I’ll be seeing that same Las Vegas sign, only from a different angle. Little longer drive (the majority of which is still in Texas), but just as therapeutic as my normal route. Saturday I’m filling up the iPod, re-packing, and trading my precious baby Mustang for my father’s gas-sipping Volvo. Sunday I’ll try to maintain my clean driving record while still making excellent time. 🙂

I would be horribly remiss if I left without first mentioning our newest blogger, a sneaky little devil that waited until I had left the office for Vegas to fire up blogger and become “official”. He didn’t get to meet many of you in Vegas, as he spent the majority of his time playing poker at the MGM, but those of you who did meet him immediately made him part of the group, buying him SoCo shots and (Joe) christening him with a nickname that has naturally found its way to the blog. Head on over to Nine Outs and a Zero Balance and show The Kid some love.