Twitter Killed The Blogging Star

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I’ve got 2,037 updates on Twitter at this moment. That’s a whole lot for someone whose earliest Tweets were about how much she disliked the whole thing. I spent some quality time boozing it up in Midtown tonight at a Tweetup, meeting new people and having some laughs. And um, some drinks. Despite my first impression of it (which was pretty much summed up as “this is dumb”) I’ve now come full circle. I love the Twitter. It’s gotten me dates, jobs, friends, endless contacts, and perhaps most importantly, keeps me in touch with my favorite degenerates throughout the day when we should all be working. Or driving. Or you know, interacting with real live people in front of us.

You want to know why I don’t blog much anymore? Check the Twitter. Go ahead, they’re unprotected now. I am the Queen of Cryptic (maybe not so much as of late, but I ain’t giving up the crown) and as a result, got really good at fitting a whole lot of emotions in 140 characters. All the catharsis that blogging provided was now immediate and oh so accessible. Plus most of you are right there; snapping it up immediately and responding with just the click of a button. It’s a continual conversation that you can check in and check out of as needed.

But there are some of you that are missing from the fray, and I’ve often wondered why. For instance, where is Dawn? Dawnie, would your life not be easier if you could just tweet your little “not so random” observations instead of having to log in to WordPress? I know you’re addicted to the Facebook and mobile updating; think of the fun you could have with Twitter updating on the go. Get on this woman. I checked, your ID is still available.

And then there is the Rooster. Or @darooster as he is known on Twitter. So much potential here. Where are the random tweets about the women he’s running in to? The connections he’s making, the cash games he’s crushing, the wild nights about town. I know it’s all going on; I want, no NEED, to hear about it as it happens. Also, the comments that go on Facebook, like the one about me being the best wingwoman ever? That needs to be Twittered. (When in doubt, anything good about me should be put on Twitter.) I would also expect the Rooster to let loose with a random “what area code is xxx?” tweet from time to time. Sure, I’ve taken away from a bit of humor by suggesting it, but you know us. We’ll still laugh.

Where Twitter will really shine though is this coming week. Remember Otis’s excellent idea of storming the castle and the text message tree that would alert when the time was right? Remember the coordination that went in to that? All removed, with just one simple tweet. When your plane touches down this weekend and you want to know where everyone is? Sure, you know we’re at a bar, but WHICH ONE? May I suggest TwitterBerry or Twitterific? For advanced users, check in on BrightKite. When at home, I cannot recommend TweetDeck enough. The ability to group contacts is especially handy for those of us who are social networking whores. Plus it’s pretty:

See? Purty!

So, to sum up – if you are not yet on Twitter, get on it. Had you been on Twitter already (and following me) you would have known this immediately. See? You’ll thank me this weekend. Even if you’re not going to Vegas; I guarantee you’ll want to be following the action because when we have phones and Twitter apps any comment is up for being taken out of context and blasted all over the interwebs. Just ask @JoeSpeaker.