Too Much Of A Good Thing Can Sometimes Be Bad

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Combine the last week of classes with an impending trip to Vegas and you get one very uncaring college student. I’ve played quite a bit of poker this weekend, and it’s been good. This post may be a little disjointed though, since I had a very late night last night and am currently getting a little ill watching the Texans. (Really, three guys making a sack is just overkill).

The fun began Wednesday when Heather was in town for business. Bribed the boss to let me leave early for lunch and joined her downtown. Since she was going to be busy with work during her stay in Austin, we said goodbye after lunch and of course would see each other next week. I intended to spend my night studying, but changed plans once Vegas said he really wanted to go pick up Aunt Heather. A bottle of wine and vodka was consumed. Phone calls were made. Some of them are recorded. Gracie was without microphone and way too easily amused.

peacecorn (11/30/2005 10:26:52 PM): i can hear my IM ding
peacecorn (11/30/2005 10:26:54 PM): DING
peacecorn (11/30/2005 10:26:55 PM): DING
peacecorn (11/30/2005 10:26:56 PM): DING

Thursday night I decided to take a study break by playing in the WWdN West Coast Warmup. Always a good time to play. I had few hands of note, not really getting any cards, except for the all-in I made with ATh, called by AK (twice).

Adamseyer (10:46:37 PM): are you freaaggin kiddin me
NotAPokerBlog (10:46:42 PM): what?
Adamseyer (10:46:45 PM): you
NotAPokerBlog (10:47:08 PM): i’ve been card dead forever – less than 10 BB – suited Ace –
NotAPokerBlog (10:47:48 PM): was it really THAT bad to push?
Adamseyer (10:47:52 PM): not at all
Adamseyer (10:47:58 PM): your suckout ability is what kills me

Everybody needs a little CJ sometimes…

peacecorn (11/30/2005 10:40:34 PM): attracted to drizz?
peacecorn (11/30/2005 10:40:37 PM): you love drizz?
peacecorn (11/30/2005 10:40:47 PM): you want to do WHAT to drizz?
peacecorn (11/30/2005 10:40:51 PM): WHAT?
peacecorn (11/30/2005 10:40:56 PM): will you post that too?
peacecorn (11/30/2005 10:41:04 PM): you want to WHAT with CJ?????
peacecorn (11/30/2005 10:41:14 PM): HEATHER!
peacecorn (11/30/2005 10:41:20 PM): you took off your shirt just now?
peacecorn (11/30/2005 10:41:22 PM): really?

Just getting ya ready for Vegas. Moving on…

Friday was a should-have-been-blogger-game-but-Scott-screwed-it-up over at Adam’s. Scott was in the game until then changing his plans to go out of town, so we canceled the game. Then Scott changed his plans back again. I told him we’d see what we could do, and then he went and made plans with the wife for that night. Got me in trouble with the poker boss, and fired from my scheduling duties. (At least until next time).

We ended up with a 6 person $30 SnG, with Adam, Slayre, and me. Slayre has a nice write-up. Adam and I tend to not do write-ups unless we win. šŸ™‚ Nothing impressive for me card-wise, pocket 6s was the best looking thing I saw. Adam’s backyard was full of Vegai, so at least I got the dog good and tired out of the night. Went home kinda hating poker and then giggled myself to tears after reading Daddy’s comment to BG’s horse-betting post. Daddy = genius

Saturday morning I woke up slightly before 11 and decided to try my hand at the $10 Deep Stack tourney on Stars that was starting in a few minutes. Having complete lack of confidence in my abilities, I figured that I could play and still make it to the metroplaza by 6:30 for Kat’s pre-birthday party tourney. 1049 players, 216 paid. I figured I’d be lucky to even hit the money.

7 hours later, I’m still playing. Really gotta have more confidence in my game.

Only a few mistakes here.

Blinds at 600/1200, 75 ante. I limp in UTG with pocket 7s. Flop comes 5A6 rainbow, and I bet out 3K, getting a call from the 7 seat who is acting as the button here. At this point I put him on an ace, although I’m a little surprised that he wouldn’t have raised pre-flop with one. Turn is another Ace. Check, check. River is another Ace, giving me a full house. I check, and call the 12K bet. He shows AQ. If you put someone on an Ace off the flop, it’s a pretty good chance they’ve got quads there dear….

Blinds 1500/3000, ante 150. A4c in the BB. Middle position min raises and I call (gonna have to bet more than that to steal my blinds). Flop is 4QQ. I really don’t think my opponent has a Q. AQ is of course in his range to raise with, but minimum raises make me think big hands looking for action or small pairs. I check and then call the 12K bet. Turn is 3s. Check, check. River is 7h. Check and then call the 3K bet. A7s takes it. Mistake here was not coming over the flop bet. The response to a raise gives me enough information to determine what I want to do with the hand, and also gives me a solid chance of winning the hand right there. Weak weak weak.

At this point it’s nearing 6:30pm. I had already told Kat that I would be running late and to just blind me out of her tourney. I still had to get ready for the party and people were beginning to stall in this one. I’ve been playing poker literally all day and have begun to reach the breaking point. Scott pops on and offers to take over for me. It’s a tempting offer. While I hate to give it up, given how well I’ve played ALL DAY, there are more important things than a poker game. (Like another poker game). I have real live people waiting for me, and besides, the payout in Kat’s tourney is better than this one. I’m short-stacked though, so I figure I can wait it out, knowing that I’ve going to have to push soon and the decision may be made for me then.

Blinds at 1500/3000, 150 ante, I find 10s in EP. Button raises to 12K. I have a little under 47K in chips, he has over 180K. I’ve got to re-raise here, but a raise of 3 times his raise is going to commit me to the pot, so I decide to re-raise all-in. I’m called by ATd, and the board comes Ace and diamond free. Suddenly I’m back with a nice cushion, which is both a blessing and a curse.

Again I have a chance to win, or at least make the final table, which in these tourneys is where the real money is. But it’s now nearing 7. I’ve been playing poker for 8 hours straight. There are 50 players left and I’m in the middle of the pack. This could go on all night. There’s a break coming up soon so I ask Scott if the offer for him to take over still stands. He does, and off I go to rock the metroplaza.

As I’m turning on to Gus’s street, Scott calls to tell me he’s out in 22nd place. I win $41.67 for my efforts. The 20% payout structure in these is a major drag. Again, you don’t hit the real money until the final table, and you’ve got to put in hours to get there. Finish ITM before then and your hourly rate is no better than minimum wage. I love the structure, the deep stacks allow you to gamble a bit more at the early levels and are much more forgiving of mistakes. But I don’t think I can put in that much time for that little reward. Yes, I know – waa waa, she cashed in a tourney. I’m certainly pleased by that, but this is poker – we’re always looking for a way to maximize our returns. This tourney didn’t do it for me.

So off to Kat’s tourney. $20, unlimited rebuys in the first two levels. I arrive right before the end of the second level. It’s hard coming in to a tourney late. I’m the problem child that has no idea what chips are worth what, what the blinds are, etc. I never really get settled in, plus all those pretty cards that I was getting earlier have disappeared. I find KJ and go all-in, called by A-little. Little pairs, and I Go Drink Now.

Wasn’t upset at all by that. Too much poker for me that day. Had a fantastic time at the party, as I always do. Enjoyed chatting with some damn funny Canadians, talking poker/shilling for FTP with the smokers, and listening to a rant on the deal that someone made with Satan so the Astros could go to the WorldSeries, but the Rockets and Texans would suck. [And after just finishing today’s game, I’m thinking that theory ain’t far off.]

This evening I took part in a freeroll for members of the Blind Bet Poker Forum, which was graciously hosted by the good people at Full Tilt. Got some good cards and had a nice stack going. Top 3 split a $500 prize pool, and I had a good chance of winning. Down to 4, I had AKs and re-raised all-in a pre-flop raise from a loose-agressive player. He showed 78s. 56 on the flop and I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty. 9 hit the turn and I Go Watch TV Now. A disapointing finish, but I figure I’ll just be due for a big win come next Saturday. šŸ™‚