Time Made

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Hit the tables tonight, playing the .10/.25 at UB as part of the build the bankroll back up goal. The table I sat at, while loose, wasn’t particularly fishy, so while I did leave slightly ahead, I choose to leave because it clearly wasn’t going to be profitable enough.

Decided to play a $5 SnG. I know…should be doing a $10 for a better ROI, but with the bankroll in the state it is, plus my limited SnG experience (although, really – I’ve done 3 now, and finished 3rd, 5th, and now 2nd…so I don’t know what I’m psyching myself out of really). It was awesome. I wish John had been there to see me, (although…that time I got 5th…I was doing an SnG with him, so…perhaps there is something to this? ;)) because at one point I took out two other players with my king-high straight and took a massive chip lead. That was beautiful. At that point of course it became mine to loose. Once it got down to three players things loosened up as it always does once everyone has made the money. My only real mistake was playing my two pair – flop was 4 Q Q, I had the 4, wasn’t 100% sure the other guy had the Q, but really in my heart knew he did and was trapping me. Fortunately didn’t give him a lot of chips on that hand, but he was close to being out at that point, and that hand gave him enough to stay alive.
Went out on a pair of nines. Honestly not a call I would normally make, but frankly, this heads-up battle was going on too long and a stand needed to be made. I had middle pair on the flop with king kicker…and he had ace rag, but of course you can guess what the turn brought. 😉 I suppose it should be a consulation to me that I read my opponent right/had the instincts to make the right call at the time. I suppose with all the awesome hands I’d been having, it was bound to happen sometime.