Time Flies

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Another beautiful Texas day. Still unseasonably warm for November, but that’s OK. A slight chill, but offset by the sun beaming down. If only they had power outlets outside on campus…I’ve become quite the expert on the wifi hotspot/power source locations.

This week is gonna be brutal. I have a test and a 4 page paper due Friday. Combined with the fact that this is the final month of classes…it all comes down to this chicky. And I am so terrified that I’m not gonna make it. I completely bombed my last math test. I have no idea why…because the professor hasn’t given us the test back yet (don’t get me started…he rode his bike to school…so he couldn’t bring them in….yea…) Granted that grade gets dropped. But still. Fear doesn’t even being to describe it. My eternal optimism doesn’t extend much to matters concerning me. I can’t count the number of panic attacks I’ve had this week (granted, that used to be a daily occurance, but I haven’t had one in months) and let’s not even talk about what my previously flawless skin now looks like. Can you say stressed??

I just wanna stay…