This is how degenerate gamblers show their love for friends

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Password is “princess”

EDIT: In a somewhat ironic twist, I will not be able to play in said HORSE event, as I will be playing a real live tourney, courtesy of the Pokerati crew. Not a problem, as (if you couldn’t tell from the password) I created this tourney mainly for Heather’s amusement. You kids have fun though. Now to go kiss up to Adam…

EDIT AGAIN: After being on the receiving end of Princess Guilt, I have e-mailed Full Tilt for what seems like the 1,000,000,000th time (probably more so to them than to me) and requested that the tourney be moved to FRIDAY, JANUARY 20th, at 10pm EST. Please don’t register till the change shows up, and I give the word. No more changes, cause I promised no more. And Steve needs a raise.