Things You Will Never See Again

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Yeah, get a good look. This is one for the blogger record books. The Geek won a Stud H/L game.

I will not take any credit or brag about my amazing skills at games not called No-Limit Hold’em. Instead, I will give you a single hand from early on heads up that tells you exactly what you need to know about how I pulled this off.

Seat 2: JediMyndTrik (12,583)
Seat 5: Nurdnatih (35,417)
JediMyndTrik antes 150
Nurdnatih antes 150

Dealt to JediMyndTrik [Ks Qd] [2h]
Dealt to Nurdnatih [5h]
JediMyndTrik is low with [2h]
JediMyndTrik brings in for 250
Nurdnatih completes it to 800
JediMyndTrik raises to 1,600
Nurdnatih raises to 2,400
JediMyndTrik calls 800

GeekSpeak: “Alright, so this guy always raises with a low card, so I’m gonna reraise. Crap, he’s not backing off, I’ll call and see what 4th brings!”

Dealt to JediMyndTrik [Ks Qd 2h] [As]
Dealt to Nurdnatih [5h] [Qs]
JediMyndTrik bets 800
Nurdnatih calls 800

“Awesome, I’ve got a great board and he bricked! He should fold if I bet… damn, he called.”

Dealt to JediMyndTrik [Ks Qd 2h As] [3d]
Dealt to Nurdnatih [5h Qs] [4c]
JediMyndTrik bets 1,600
Nurdnatih has 15 seconds left to act
Nurdnatih calls 1,600

“Woot, my board looks great, so the bluff continues! Dammit, he’s still calling. I’m in trouble.”

*** 6TH STREET ***
Dealt to JediMyndTrik [Ks Qd 2h As 3d] [Jh]
Dealt to Nurdnatih [5h Qs 4c] [6c]
JediMyndTrik bets 1,600
Nurdnatih calls 1,600

“Uh, gotta fire another round…. dammit.”

*** 7TH STREET ***
Dealt to JediMyndTrik [Ks Qd 2h As 3d Jh] [Ts]
JediMyndTrik bets 1,600
Nurdnatih calls 1,600

“Oh, sweet, broadway!”

*** SHOW DOWN ***
JediMyndTrik shows [Ks Qd 2h As 3d Jh Ts] (a straight, Ace high)
Nurdnatih mucks
JediMyndTrik wins the pot (16,300) with a straight, Ace high
No low hand qualified
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 16,300 | Rake 0
Seat 2: JediMyndTrik showed [Ks Qd 2h As 3d Jh Ts] and won (16,300) with HI: a straight, Ace high
Seat 5: Nurdnatih mucked [5c 4d 5h Qs 4c 6c 3s] – HI: two pair, Fives and Fours

Nurdnatih: wow
Nurdnatih: lol
JediMyndTrik: yeah, backed into that one
Nurdnatih: ya think?

On the next hand, I made another straight on fifth to scoop a pot and dominate the chip count for the rest of the match. I hit a 3-outer on 7th to win.