Things I say to no one in particular while playing on Full Tilt

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“No fucking way…no fucking way! And you stayed in that until the river??”
[In response to Q-4 winning pot, Queen paired on river]

“Well let’s see…last time it was K-J s000ted…what could that 5xBB raise mean this time?

“Did…did he just win $25 by going all-in with TPTK with that straight draw on the flop? $25 with a pair of 8s? 8s??”

“Wait, what were you calling with there? Pair draw?”

[Raise to $1 with pocket 9s, get 4 callers] “Hell, let’s all see a flop!” [Bet $2 after flop, everyone folds…]

The tank is stocked my friends. I haven’t made money off them yet (donated a buyin over the weekend), but by God they’re there. Maybe I should ask Hank to put my account in cheat mode… I’m sure he’ll say there’s no such thing, but we all know differently. I mean, come on, someone at the tables told Bob online poker was rigged! Therefore it must be true. I mean why would someone lie about something like that? (Oh, the foreshadowing…)

Was about to call it a night when a fellow blogger joined my table. Well you can’t leave when that happens, especially when it’s a Texas blogger. We had a blast, spreading the word about the best damn hand in poker (Full Tilt is a place where dropping the hammer still raises a few eyebrows) and the best looking pro-poker player alive.

Mourn: i dumped AJ
TexansBaby: you should know better
peephole: hehe
TexansBaby: AJ is trash anyway
TexansBaby: nothing but trouble
peephole: yep
peephole: had 10/9
Mourn: well, it has a bit of an advatage over 72… 🙂
peephole: hehe
TexansBaby: not in the hands of you or I
Mourn: that’s true
peephole: lol
peephole: i woulda been shocked if it were sooted
Mourn: cant play a suited hammer
TexansBaby: sooted hammer no good

TexansBaby: i’ll be right back
TexansBaby: just reading
TexansBaby: she wrote a paragraph just for me
Mourn: who?
TexansBaby: April H
Mourn: oh
TexansBaby: she went to the Bay101 today
April98 (Observer): You invite me over and you’re sitting out?
Mourn: i like that place
TexansBaby: I’m reading!!
TexansBaby: I got all distracted by your discription of Phil in black….
Mourn: this is Phil Gordon we’re talking about?
TexansBaby: oh yea baby
Mourn: wow
Mourn: i mean…ok
TexansBaby: lol
April98 (Observer): Yes, I wrote a special paragraph for her.
TexansBaby: you hush
Mourn: this is the same phil gordon that is sort of like a 6’6″ band dork from high school?
April98 (Observer): 6’9″ and I like dorks
Mourn: well
Mourn: truthfully we need more women who appreciate dorks
Mourn: so I cant get too incredulous
TexansBaby: you know
TexansBaby: April may make top 5 this week for that paragraph
Mourn: ok wait
Mourn: just to confirm
TexansBaby: but no pic??
Mourn: this is Phil GORDON, right?
TexansBaby: LMAO
TexansBaby: he’s dreamy
Mourn: i like phil gordon
TexansBaby: you just don’t want to marry him?
Mourn: not really no
TexansBaby: GOOD
Mourn: Negreanu is more my type

We’re having a blast people, you really should come join us. *Looks to right of page* Besides, you know you want to sign up in time to be dead money ready for the next WPBT online event.

I have still yet to make a profit from this place, but that’s my own fault of course. Unlike some people who can’t win a hand to save their lives, I won’t claim that those people who happen to be chatty at the tables must therefore be automatically participating in some sort of collusion (and we were just kidding about all that bot talk…sorta ;)). Made one horrible play early on, but then made a great read/call that made up for it. And then actually did have some profit for the night, but Mourn sucked me in so beautifully on one hand and took it away! He flopped a Queen high flush, and I paired my hand on the flop, and he bet it just enough to keep me calling all the way to the river, where of course I then runner-runner’d my Jack-high flush…very nicely played by him. I suppose if you’re going to lose your profit, it’s good that it’s to a buddy, but…eh – who are we kidding? Losing sucks!