The Return

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From a member of my staff:
“I missed you while you were gone. I could never get an IT guy. But when you’re here, they’re always swarming by your desk!”

“You didn’t find a job you liked in Nevada?” – my boss said to me, after giving me grief for letting Scott get sick in Vegas.
I’m not looking for jobs in Nevada” was my appropriately coy reply.

I am home and back to work; the emails are down from 350+ to 21 and our IT needs are being met so it’s time now to focus on important things.

I have about 60 people on my team and therefore have been asked no less than 60 times over the past two days if I had fun and if I won any money. And each time I’ve replied yes and no, that I didn’t even really gamble all that much. So what did you do, they ask? Well, I hung out with my friends. That was the point of the trip really. And almost immediately I think that I didn’t get to do it enough. That there were people I missed, conversations I didn’t get to have, dinners I missed, more hugs I should have given. Vegas is fun but it doesn’t always make for the best connections. It does make for some good stories though, and I’ll get to mine.

While forging new friendships, I did end one relationship while in Vegas. The Dash and I have been strained for a while, and a Vegas weekend proved to be a bit too much for us. Things like checking in to flights, turning up call volume, plus dozens of other little Dash quirks finally built up to the point where I finally realized that I was in the middle of a bad relationship where everything was being made to seem my fault. Since I spent no where near the amount I had budgeted for the trip, it seemed justified to make it the first thing I did upon waking up from a 12 hour nap back in Austin was to break up with him and join the Blackberry Pearl converts. Sorry Gus, I tried. 🙂