The password is: “centerfield”

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My Valentine’s morning was filled with secrets and scheming:

“I’m not asking for a commitment from you. I’m asking do you want to go?”
“I’d love to go, but I can’t say for sure that we can go. Or when would be the best time to go. I can’t make a decision without speaking to him first.”
“Really? We have to wait for him? We can’t do this on our own?”
“Do you know how much trouble I would get in for that? I’m essentially married. I can’t do things like that!”
“I know honey. Really, I do. You know how I feel about long-range planning! I don’t even know where I’m going to be in August! And I don’t like to be pressuring you. But… you do understand these are behind home plate, right? You understand the significance of the net if we take baby with us? I can’t guarantee these seats will be available this afternoon, that’s all.”

I have always thought people taking babies to baseball games was quite possibly one of the dumbest things you could do. I mean, I get it that it’s expensive to go to a game (especially after today!) but still – find a relative, find a friend, find SOMEONE. Maybe it’s because I’m usually sitting right in prime foul ball territory and see it happen all the time there. This is quite possibly the worst place to have a baby in a ballpark. Never in a million years would I ever do that. *cough* I’m spending good money to take a 3 month old to a game he’ll never remember going to. But by God he’s going to be sitting right behind home plate in close proximity to a former president and behind a net. So I’m not a total hypocrite.

Yes, Pokerwolf came closest with his guess… it’s not a season ticket package, but the Astros had a single game ticket presale this morning, mailing out the password to those on the newsletter list at dawn. My list was short – not that many games on this year’s schedule I really want to make it too, but my standards for where I sit when I do make it to a game are high. And opening day was a priority. Sadly, that was shot down early, as my standards for seating were not being met – those will have to come via some other means. But for the rest of the games I wanted – Diamondbacks, Mets, & Red Sox – only a couple of those should have a problem.

The Mets were surprisingly easy. The Red Sox tickets had been put up for a lottery along with the Yankees tickets and were sold the day before – the remainders still not available to the general public. More ticket tilt. That only left me with the Diamondbacks, and I was having to wait for Baby’s Daddy to call for his daily lunch check-in before I could get a go-ahead. My plans of bank account emptied and ticket coffers filled was pretty much crushed at this point. All that buildup and excitement…

While midway through the chat with Baby, another manager walked by and saw the Astros site up on our screen and it was then I discovered one of the IT guys had neglected to let me in on a little detail yesterday:

“Hey, you know James won the lottery to buy the Yankees and Red Sox tickets, right?”
“…. WHAT?”
“Yeah, he got em yesterday.”
“Lucy… I’ll be right back.”
{brief run to IT}
“OH HAI… did you forget to mention something to me???”

By the end of the day, while I didn’t spend near the amount I planned on tickets, nor did I get all the ones I wanted, I got the important ones – Baby’s First Game (should scheduling allow) – and a pretty solid lead for the ones I couldn’t get. So overall, mission accomplished for the day.


Oh, and yes, there was chocolates and flowers and what not too.